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May 24, 2008

Kendrick Perkins

Rajon Rondo


Q. Can you just talk about the way you guys controlled the interior tonight. A lot of dunks and lay-ups early and then just controlling the glass, as well.
KENDRICK PERKINS: Well, Doc had been mentioning to us about just being active. They double on Paul, they're going to double on KG. I've just got to make myself available, and when I catch the ball, just got to make sure I finish and dunk.

Q. Perk, it seemed like just by those interior plays your whole game seemed to come into line, including the jumpers. Can you talk about getting into the flow like that.
KENDRICK PERKINS: The thing for a big man is when you get an early basket or a dunk or something, you kind of get going. It makes you play both ends of the court, so you get a little confidence with your offense when you get an early basket. I thought KG found me early, and I got an easy dunk, and that kind of got me going.

Q. Just talk about your mentality now after getting this one and going into Monday.
RAJON RONDO: You know, we don't want to settle with this win. We definitely want to come back Monday and play a lot more aggressive and a lot stronger. For myself, we need to close our quarters better. We're going to come in tomorrow, watch film and try to get a lot better.
KENDRICK PERKINS: I just feel like with Detroit you can't let your guards down. They've been in this position before. Them losing one game in their building is not pressure on them. I know they're going to come out the next game with a very high energy level and just come out and compete. You know, they're at home, so you've got to stay with them. We're just got to come out, don't be satisfied, make sure we get our rest and I think we'll be all right.

Q. Kendrick, can you talk about in terms of the series, did this game feel like one of the best for you in terms of everything you were able to produce, or how do you rank it in terms of the playoffs in general?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I feel like it was one of my better games tonight just because I was active on the offensive end. As far as defensively, I think I've been doing a good job this whole series, but I've still got room that I can improve.
Overall our team defense was great. They shot 38 percent from the field and we outrebounded them, so that's the key. We've got to finish our defense with rebounds.

Q. You had a play early in the game where in the open court you stole it from Billups. What happened in that play? And how often do you think you're going to be able to -- a center is going to be able to do that on a guy that good with the ball?
KENDRICK PERKINS: It all came back to Game 2. It was at the beginning of the game, I got switched out on Chauncey, and I reached without falling, and he went to the line and shot two shots. And I felt like I could have got a hand on the ball. So tonight, same thing, I switched out on him, and I just got down and played him. I seen an opportunity to reach, which I shouldn't have, but I did, and I ended up getting the steal.

Q. What did you try to do differently against Chauncey tonight? And did you think he was near 100 percent tonight?
RAJON RONDO: I don't think Chauncey was 100 percent, but in this playoffs I don't think no one is 100 percent in this league right now. Chauncey is a great player. I just tried to make him take contested shots and keep him off the free-throw line. That was my biggest key, keep him off the free-throw line and keep him out of the bonus.

Q. Just talk about what Kevin has given you, not only tonight but throughout the playoffs.
KENDRICK PERKINS: That's why he's the Big Ticket. You never know how valuable he is until you play with him, just the things he does on the court. You really can't tell unless you're on the court with him or a teammate. The energy he brings, and just the focus he brings to the locker room.
You know, how he comes to the games, man, he's so locked in that you look at him, and instantly you get locked in. I mean, that's how much he be focused before the game. I just feel like, man, you just never know how valuable KG is until you play with him.

Q. Talk about the fact you got your first road win since April 14th? And was this long wait on the road a stressful one?
RAJON RONDO: I don't think it was stressful. You know, we got the other wins at home. But tonight we knew we had to come out and get definitely a victory on the road because we gave up home-court advantage by losing last game. We wanted to come out tonight and have great focus. Guys weren't thinking about we were 0 and whatever on the road. We just came out tonight and had greater focus. From jump ball we came out with great intensity.

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