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May 24, 2008

Eduardo Romero


Q. How was the course?
EDUARDO ROMERO: It is okay. One more day to go, but it's not easy. You know, it's not easy. Just because it's very difficult. But it is okay. Everybody has the same difficulty. And I make the mistake on the last two holes and go bogey, bogey.
I think it's going to be okay, but not good finish. And then one more round to go. I'm happy with my game. So, I make the bogey from the rough, but it is okay. Tomorrow is another day.

Q. Are there things that you've learned about the course?

Q. From playing today?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Oh, yeah. I think that -- the tee, I think that I think not to go to the rough. You have to put the ball in the fairway at any price. You have to get the ball on the fairway. You have to hit the fairway. If you go to the rough, you're dead. You put the ball in the fairway, that's what you should do.
And then also the putter is not easy. It's very difficult. And it's very fast greens right now. And then the course gets tougher and tougher. And I had a good day. I had a good day.

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