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May 24, 2008

Mike Hulbert


Q. How did you find Oak Hill this week?
MIKE HULBERT: It's pretty tough. The golf course is not getting any easier, but I'm not saying it's getting any harder either. It's just pretty much -- the wind is out of a little different direction, although it's back again like it normally is. But when we were finishing up today -- I was the first group -- when I was finishing up it was a little bit different wind direction. But the rough's still thick, hole locations are, they're still quite good.
So just got getting any easier. It's tough to make birdies here. It's tough to hit the fairway, tough to hit the green, and so you got to put both of those combos together just to have a chance for birdie.
That's been the question this week. The guy that can put the ball in the fairway and give himself opportunities, those are the guys that are getting ready to tee off now. And I'm kind of, I didn't hit enough fairways and not hitting enough greens and today I gave some strokes away on the greens, which was a little disappointing, but I had an opportunity to shoot a decent score, but it didn't turn out. But it is what it is. But it's a pleasure to play here, it's probably the fairest golf course there is in the country. And the toughest too.

Q. How many times have you played here?
MIKE HULBERT: I played here a long time ago when I was a little squirt. I grew up about an hour and a half from here. And I did TV here in 2003 for CBS. I didn't play it. So this week has probably been the bulk of the play.
So there's still some hidden gems out there, I don't think I learned it as well as I could have the first few days, but there's definitely some places where you can't miss your ball off the tee and going into the green and I think the guys that have a very good idea of that are going to do well.

Q. You got a chance to play the BC Open here, how much do you look forward to playing that, you looked forward to it before and looking forward to the senior event now?
MIKE HULBERT: Well, I'm looking forward to it a lot, actually. I've had success there. I've won there. I know that course. And it's going to be fun. It's just going to be fun. It's going to be -- it's in the rotation now and a lot of friends and family will be around, so hopefully I can do well. But you just -- I just got to go work on my confidence, because I've had success on the golf course. You remember all the good stuff there. And that's what helps.

Q. We're so thrilled about the sun today, but did the wind kick up during your round a little bit and was it a factor?
MIKE HULBERT: It did. It was quite calm when we first started out. A little cool. But the ball wasn't quite going the first few holes. But then it picked up a little bit. It started picking up on our back nine. And like I said, even though it's out of the same direction now, it wasn't when we just got done playing 18. We played 17 and 18 into the wind. And it's started left-to-right and helping.
But that's all right. It's the same for everybody. And it's getting harder and harder to keep your ball when the -- when the wind's blowing it gets harder to keep the ball in the fairway. Because you got a lot of crosswind, not necessarily, I can't remember too many holes that have been like right into the wind and dead downwind. And that's what makes this golf course tough.
Both 1 and 10 going out, it's helping, but left-to-right helping. And the hole kind of goes a little that way. So it's going to want to push everything down to the right. So it's a, you got to have some luck. You got to have some luck and the worst case scenario try to keep your ball in just left and right of the deep stuff. Because it's very penal.

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