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May 24, 2008

Mike Barge


Q. Can you talk a little about your round today?
MIKE BARGE: Well, it was a lot like yesterday. I spent time in the rough. I had a lot of putts. That's bad combination. It added up to 80. But again the course won again today. But, no, I hit it crooked, right off the bat and made 7 on the first hole. Took three shots in the rough to get out. I had a lie that was just horrendous and thought I could move it and I hit, swung as hard as I could and probably moved it 20 feet.

Q. What did you find was the biggest difference between today and the last two days?
MIKE BARGE: Today was a lot like yesterday, it got windier as the day went on a little bit, but it really didn't affect me that much. It was just a combination of some bad swings and did not make a putt. Literally did not make a putt. I think I had 38 putts.
So it was a tough day on the greens and my stroke actually felt better today than it had the first couple of days but just didn't make anything. So I got a little work to do on the greens before I get out there tomorrow.

Q. What are you looking to do tomorrow?
MIKE BARGE: Just improve. Obviously the course is going to get dryer and harder and it's a big challenge. The challenge is just to go out and play each hole as well as I can. To tell you the truth pars feel like birdies out here.
So just to make as many pars as I can, if I can throw in a couple birdies, I haven't made a birdie in the last couple days. So I would like to make a lot of pars and maybe a couple birdies and certainly avoid the big number.

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