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May 23, 2008

Scott Spence


Q. How did it go today?
SCOTT SPENCE: A little different than yesterday, but I never played the tour, I played golf for 43 years and this is my sixth Major I've played in. Three PGAs and three U.S. Opens. And I wanted to make the cut. And I started thinking about that and I got off focus and on the back side I made four bogeys in a row, starting at 15, 16, 17 and 18.
And I tried to right the ship, get back to my routine there and, you know, I played pretty well. I 4-putted number 5, which was a mistake though, because I only had 120 yards in and you walk away with double. That hurt.
But I made some good up-and-downs, and but then I sort of club pro'd it on the way in, so. But we're hoping we'll get into my first weekend of a Major. We'll say some prayers. But we'll see.

Q. How does this Major compare to the other Majors that you've played in?
SCOTT SPENCE: Majors are Majors. There's some fabulous legends here. And what a fabulous facility, and I'm getting goose bumps talking about it. But the first Major was at Pebble Beach in 1982, so this is 2008, so that's a couple days ago.
Then my last Major before this was the U. S. Senior Open at Prairie Dunes and then Baltusrol in 2005.
So I'm playing well, Tim Cusick is my coach, he's down in Dallas at Los Colinas, and I couldn't be happier. A Major is a Major though. So, but I'm very pleased to be here.

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