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May 23, 2008

Gary Orr


Q. Can you explain to us your round?
GARY ORR: Obviously I was pleased, but didn't get off to a great start.

Q. So you had the medical extension, how are you physically?
GARY ORR: Yeah, about three months fell out, and that's a big chunk of the season but now it's good, no problems.

Q. How focused are you with this run of big tournaments coming up?
GARY ORR: Yeah, I've obviously enjoyed playing at went worth. I've played well here a few times and it's a course I really enjoy playing and it's a week I look forward to as well.

Q. You're just four behind, Paul McGinley has jumped up again to 10-under but are you happy with 6-under at the moment?
GARY ORR: Yeah, obviously I'd like to be closer but after a shaky start I played well so I'm quite happy with 6-under.

Q. After that shaky start --
GARY ORR: Yeah, I made a few birdies after that, which is good.

Q. Anything in particular?
GARY ORR: The first I hit down in the edge of the bunker where I did yesterday but it was right on the edge of the bunker so I had to stand in the bunker and the ball was about waist-high, so it wasn't the easiest of shots and I made bogey there. Drove it in the bunker at the third so it's not the best of starts.
But I stayed focused. You node, I hit the ball well yesterday so I felt happy enough with my game so just tried to be patient and then it all fell into place pretty quick which is nice. I birdied the next one which gets you back going the right direction again.

Q. Any long putts?
GARY ORR: A 15-footer, hit good shots and knocked the putts in, so it was a nice round.
I couldn't get a good read on it. It was one of those ones, I could see it breaking and when I go over it, it didn't look like it was going to break much. It was one of those, it's a nasty little putt. I was trying to keep the bunker shot underneath the hole and it came out a little fast.

Q. Were you aware of any clattering in the garden right next to you?
GARY ORR: Not really, no. Didn't hear anything. When you get going, hopefully you don't hear anything, unless it's too dramatic.

Q. Does your experience come into play now?
GARY ORR: Only if you play well. It's all down to that really. Obviously I've done well here and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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