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May 23, 2008

Bob Boyd


Q. How did it go today?
BOB BOYD: Not too well. I shot 77 again, which was quite disappointing to be quite honest with you. I had a couple double bogeys on the back side which I made four doubles over the two days and you just can't do that here.

Q. What is this opportunity meant to you to have a chance to come up and play in this?
BOB BOYD: Well, I've had the opportunity to play in Majors before. I was hoping and expecting to play a little better. And I just didn't.
I struck the ball pretty well, I just didn't, like probably a lot of players, a foot here in the rough and a yard there, it makes a big difference, it just adds up. And we have not played at that at all any kind of rough like that this year. And I've not putted on greens this quick. And fairways that may be, no, I wouldn't say they're narrower than this, but we have played some good golf courses this year earlier, but this rough is very difficult and it was very difficult to score if you don't drive it in the fairway.
And it's very -- that's the key. I would be surprised if the leaders aren't way up in driving accuracy. So it just makes it that much easier. Hitting the green from the rough is tough. I can't do it.

Q. So you would say certainly the course conditions have had a bigger impact than the weather yesterday?
BOB BOYD: No question. The weather isn't that bad. The wind hasn't blown terribly. 15 to 20 miles an hour. That's to be expected. It's been windy all year anyway. But the course is set up fairly and it's in great condition and it's a tough test.

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