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May 23, 2008

Massy Kuramoto


KELLY ELBIN: Massy Kuramoto, ladies and gentlemen in with around of 68. 2-under par. Two day total of 141. 1-over two rounds into the Senior PGA Championship. Massy, congratulations on the 68.
MASSY KURAMOTO: Thank you very much.
KELLY ELBIN: Thoughts on the way you played today.
MASSY KURAMOTO: Golf course is so difficult. I'm thinking not distance, I'm thinking only keeping it in fairway. So I try and hit the driver only three times today. Other holes, 5-wood and 3-wood or irons.
So my drive average is about 280 or 285. But I don't need to hit it 285, I need it just 240 or 220 to keep it in the fairway. And I'm thinking about that all the time. And also if I miss the fairway, I just try to get it back in play. So any time I try to start thinking about back into the fairway, then a playable place. Then I try to make a par or bogey. That is my strategy today.
KELLY ELBIN: Very good. Massy's wife Margie is helping him out if necessary here. Let's open it up for any questions on the floor, please.

Q. Why were you more successful today as opposed to yesterday? Why the big difference?
MASSY KURAMOTO: I think putting. And also the greens slope back to front. So I'm thinking all the time below the hole. Stay below the hole. Don't go past the hole for a second shot and a chip shot. That is my strategy.

Q. You played well last year in this in the Senior PGA Championship. Can you just talk about how maybe that confidence carried over to this year?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Yes, I did. Especially the golf course is good for me. So it's a tough golf course and it makes it more focused for me, easy to focus for me.
KELLY ELBIN: For the record, Massy finished tied for 12th last year at the Senior PGA Championship.

Q. How long has it been since you've been in this position in a golf tournament here in the United States?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Oh, it's been a long time ago.
I played the third year on the Champions Tour. And last year I never played good. So maybe twice in Top-10.
MASSY KURAMOTO: Twice in Top-10. So.
KELLY ELBIN: Massy's best finish on the Champions Tour this year is a tie for 15th at the Outback Pro-am.

Q. Do you like where you're at now?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Yes. Yes. I came up here Monday and I looked at the golf course. 5-over was my goal. And 10-over, because 5-over I'm thinking Top-10 is the score. So I'm keeping my mind, I keep it 5-over. Thinking about that. After four days. So today 2-over or two days left and 1-over is good for me. So 2-over, 2-over is good for me.
The last two days.
KELLY ELBIN: Massy, could 5-over very easily win the championship?
MASSY KURAMOTO: No. No. I think that 2-over, 3-over, wins the tournament. Or if weather is good, even par or something like that. But 5-over I think is good for a Top-10.

Q. Is the strongest part of game your driving?

Q. Okay. What is the strongest part of your game?
MASSY KURAMOTO: I think chipping and putting. Especially in the high rough that's sticky, that's in my favor.

Q. Was there one best shot today or one shot that really stood out or you were especially proud of?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Ninth hole, second shot, 170, or 157 yards to the hole, and left rough. And I think that a 3-iron, I'm going to knock down shot there and in the left rough. That was my best shot of the day.

Q. How close?
MASSY KURAMOTO: It's about 20, 20 feet. Pin high.

Q. Can you give me an idea of how popular you are back in Japan?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Oh, I think Jumbo is the most popular player. And then Aoki is second, I'm fourth or fifth.
Joe Ozaki. We got a lot of good players there. Tommy Nakajima. Yes.
KELLY ELBIN: I think if you win here you may go up a bit.

Q. Do you have friends and family here in addition to your wife or who else is here watching you?

Q. Watching you here.

Q. No one here?
MASSY KURAMOTO: Nobody here. California. She's American, so she is here. So she's, so her sister lives in California.
KELLY ELBIN: Massy Kuramoto, thank you very much.
MASSY KURAMOTO: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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