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May 23, 2008

Greg Norman


Q. Hell of a part-time job?
GREG NORMAN: That's what it is, yeah.

Q. How did it feel out there today?
GREG NORMAN: I don't know how it felt, it sure felt like I had a chance of really shooting -- I mean nothing happened my way. I think it's because I haven't played a lot and you don't see a lot of good things happening, so you see a little bit of a stagnant round taking place, and all in all it was a, I felt like I could have been three shots better easily. But it's not to be the case. And I'll see if I can rally over the weekend.

Q. That scoring ability thing is kind of the last thing to come back when you don't play a lot competitively, it seems like. You hit a lot of good shots out there?
GREG NORMAN: It's just keeping your mind locked in. That's what it is. Normally when you're used to playing your mind can switch off, take a break and then lock back in.
In my situation I got to keep reminding myself to concentrate. That's a little bit different than I'm used to doing. So, yeah, even on little shots, you know, you just got to focus a hundred percent all the time. Which was the natural thing for me a few years ago.

Q. Is that the main thing or driving, putting or anything specific?
GREG NORMAN: No, everybody's going to miss fairways around here and it's just tough rough. This is like a Major Championship here, it's not like a senior event that they really set it up tough, even the pin positions are extremely tough. And it's the same for everybody, you just got to hit it on the fairway.

Q. Great place to get your game back, the toughest place of the year?
GREG NORMAN: I would like to have come back on a little easier week, but, hey, it is what it is and I played this weekend and I won't play again until July.

Q. Are you going to play the Senior British?
GREG NORMAN: Probably play the British Open first and then think about the Senior British Open after that. But that's quite aways off yet.

Q. That will be the only other senior one this year?
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, possibly. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not really -- I don't have a whole lot on my schedule, to tell you the truth. And after the British Open I got to be over there anyway, so I figured I might as well stay there for two weeks anyway.

Q. Is this rekindling any competitive fires as far as trying to play competitively?
GREG NORMAN: Not really. Fuzzy asked me about that out there. And it was just, no, it's tough. It's really -- you know, it's just tough to get yourself back into it. I mean, I'm enjoying it, no question about it. I still get intense about my golf, and wanting to do well, which is a good sign.
But like I said, I haven't routinely played enough to kind of get myself a little bit more settled during the round.

Q. The problem is you got other things to do. That's the problem.
GREG NORMAN: I'm very happy. It is my choice and I enjoy it. It's nice to be able to come out her and play fairly decent golf without any work. Put in a little bit of work you never know where it would end up.

Q. You're right there.
GREG NORMAN: Oh, it's very doable. I need to shoot even par or a little bit better tomorrow. It's very doable.

Q. You mentioned the course. Is it too tough, set up too tough or not?
GREG NORMAN: No, it's the same for everybody. It's a Major Championship and they should set it up this way.

Q. As far as being here in the past, is it maybe more difficult?
GREG NORMAN: Oh, I think 2003 I think was the last time, but it was pretty tough then. But back in '88 or '89 whenever we played here, I think the rough is heavier then than it was when Curtis Strange won. That's for sure.

Q. Has it been fun? Or has it been too tough to be fun?
GREG NORMAN: It hasn't been fun. You got to grind. You got to grind everything. You can shoot 10-over par very easily. That's the secret, really.
No, it's not fun out here. A Major Championship shouldn't be fun, really, either. The guys play fun events a lot of other times during the year. So four or five times during the year they can put their grinding cap on and play hard.

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