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May 23, 2008

Jeff Sluman


Q. If there's such a thing as a feel good par, that was it, huh?
JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, I didn't have it today. I lost a lot of balls just to the right. But over the course of four days hopefully I can get it straightened out.
I feel like I'm pretty close and I hit some good shots coming in. But overall 73 wasn't a bad score today.

Q. Explain that par on the last hole. That had to feel pretty good?
JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, I just don't know what to hit off the tee. We're playing the up tee and I hit 3-wood and actually hit it really solid, but through the fairway. And from there it's, any time you're in the rough it's very difficult out here.
And I didn't hit a very good bunker shot, 15 feet there, and I hit it and it went right in the center, so sometimes that happens.

Q. You were struggling when you got through No. 2, the last five holes, a couple birdies, a couple nice par saves, do you feel like you kind of got everything you could have gotten out of this round?
JEFF SLUMAN: Oh, yeah, it could have easily been 76, 77, somewhere in that area. So getting in at 73.
Like I said yesterday, probably, whoever wins this tournament's going to have one of those out here, the golf course is playing that difficult. But I salvaged the round that could have been a lot worse and I'm not that unhappy.

Q. Do you think this course has been set up too tough?
JEFF SLUMAN: Oh, it's not set up too tough. There's no way. It's very fair, but it's very penal. And like I said, Kerry Haigh did a great job yesterday and today. It's it looks like Jay might be the only one, I don't know if he, I'm looking at the leaderboard now, I'm old now, so it's hard to tell, but it doesn't look like anybody's going to be under par for the event right now. So that's, the quality of the golf course.
Like Winged Foot a few years ago at the U.S. Open, 5-over wins and every player said it was set up perfectly and very fair. So there's no tricks out here, just got to hit quality golf shots.

Q. You hit straight and putt well?
JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, it's no secret at Oak Hill. You do that -- look at the previous winners here with Nicklaus and Strange and Trevino, that kind of says it all right there.

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