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May 23, 2008

Tayshaun Prince


TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It works out when we're aggressive and we don't come out slow to start the game. Obviously the important thing about last game, we really were aggressive in certain situations, at the beginning of quarters and at the end of quarters, no matter who was on the floor. So that's what helped us out in yesterday's game.

Q. It's not like you guys will ever think this way, but isn't there a danger of saying we got the win we needed in Boston, we're okay now?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: No, we don't think like that. We just go out there and play basketball. We had a slow start in Game 1. They dictated the tempo. We dictated the tempo in Game 2. Anything can happen here at The Palace so we've got to be aggressive, and more importantly we've got to be focused for Game 3.

Q. When you've seen film of them on the road, are they just less aggressive in their road games?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I haven't actually sat down and watched film on them as far as what they do on the road. I actually watched games for enjoyment as far as watching them play, but as far as what we have to do is we have to come out and be aggressive. The crowd has to be into it like their crowd was into it down in Boston.
Like I said, focus is more important than anything because both teams are going to be ready to play, both teams are going to come out aggressive, so we've got to be focused.

Q. As much as they went pick-and-roll in Game 1, they didn't seem to go to it as much last night. Was it because of adjustments you guys made, or did they just not go to it as much?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: They had different areas of their game going. I think when you have different aspects of your game going, you go with what works. Just like what we did in the last five minutes, we were going with what worked, and they were doing the same thing. Paul was isolating, Ray Allen had it going, KG iso'ing and also had his perimeter jump shot falling. So they were going with what worked.

Q. What was Rip doing for you guys, just that composure he played with?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Just a lot of movement, getting the ball from one side to the other. We saw him help rotate or whatever. We was kind of on a string in the last five minutes, so we got the shots that we wanted.

Q. Stuckey's poise for a rookie, everybody seems to be impressed by it. You guys obviously aren't shocked by it, right?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Well, you know, it was a tough setback for him at the start of the year obviously with the injury, but he's been able to play in crucial situations and also he's been able to play when Chauncey has been out. He's definitely been at the right place at the right time, especially in yesterday's game. He started the fourth quarter off for us great, so who knows what would have happened if he didn't do that because Boston did make a run in the fourth.

Q. After two games, talk about guarding Pierce. You've had some success, but he's a load, right?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Just making him take tough shots. He's hit a lot of fadeaways and whatnot, but I mean, I know that's his shot. But more importantly we're trying to keep him out of the paint because obviously that causes a lot of problems. Obviously his jump shot is going right now, as well as the rest of the guys. So we've just got to continue to play good aggressive defense and see what happens.

Q. Were you surprised on that play when Chauncey got the reverse there, just how open he was?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: We had a lot of action going on. Yes, I was surprised he was that wide open, but I was going to try to get it to him no matter what because he was the one that was going to the basket on a play. Luckily nobody, none of their bigs, was in the paint at that time.

Q. So you're not really big on displays on emotion, but there has to be some pretty good satisfaction of going there and being the first team to beat those guys in a while.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Well, the satisfaction about it was we played well down the stretch. You know, we came in, we executed and we were able to really accomplish what we wanted to get out of yesterday's game, and that was to be in a dogfight, but more importantly, really execute down the stretch.

Q. You guys have played in so many big moments like that. Is it still a little nerve-wracking, or do you not get nervous?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I don't think us as players -- we've been in that position. We don't get nervous about it, but at the same time, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to really be focused at that time. Obviously being down 1-0 you want to try to execute and do the things that you -- get the shots that you want. Obviously you're not going to make all of them, but we get high-percentage shots, we trust in ourselves.

Q. Is there any explanation for a team to lose ten road games all season and then come in and lose six straight in the playoffs?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Man, I don't know. I can't speak on that. But what we have to worry about is they're coming in our arena where they won in the regular season, and we've got to be prepared.
You know, we can't worry about what happened in their first two series on the road as far as what happened. So we've got to take care of business.

Q. Rasheed only had seven attempts last night but Garnett was guarding him so aggressively, so far away from the rim. Is that opening things up for other guys a little bit?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: As long as he keeps moving, if KG is staying with him, he's got to continue to move a little bit, getting some pick-and-rolls and things like that, it will open up for other guys. Even though he got seven shots he made crucial ones, especially the one at the end of the third quarter.

Q. Can you be too comfortable at home? You're awfully focused on the road. Can you be too comfortable at home?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: You know, it's always more important that you really try to be obviously tip-top on the road. That's important, especially when you're playing against a team like them and playing in a hostile atmosphere. You're really going in there with the right focus. Hopefully we just don't let that up.

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