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May 23, 2008

Lonnie Nielsen


Q. I understand even par today, which was a little bit better than yesterday, so you must have felt a lot better out there.
LONNIE NIELSEN: Yesterday was a nightmare. I got off to a rough start and just kept hitting it in the rough and made a mess of the par-3s, I played them he 6-over. So it was just nothing good was happening yesterday. I putted poorly, drove the ball poorly, and when you do that you just can't play this course.
Today I hit a few more 3-woods, my rhythm was better, I had a nice shot shape today. Everything was back to my usual fade. Yesterday I was hitting a few hooks from out of nowhere. And I hit a lot of good shots especially coming down the stretch there when I needed them.

Q. How much do you attribute it to the weather yesterday or you just didn't have the feel.
LONNIE NIELSEN: A little bit was the weather. I had two or three shots that where the wind just gusted at the wrong time and I ended up with plugged balls in bunkers, which led to a double and a triple. So a little gust here and a little gust there.
Today it was starting to do that as we were coming down the stretch and I just happened to time it in between the gusts today. So it worked out.

Q. So you're able to take away something positive from the couple days?
LONNIE NIELSEN: Yeah. I'm still hoping 11-over might have a chance at making the cut. It looked like that it was going to go to 11 or 12. So keep my fingers crossed. I need maybe a little bit of wind this afternoon so the scores will go up and let me slip in.

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