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May 23, 2008

Chris Evert


Q. Tell us about your game of golf or what brings you to the game of golf?
CHRIS EVERT: Well, my fiance' is a golfer. I'm here to support him and watch him play. And he doesn't play and he hasn't been playing full-time, so the weeks that he comes, I try to break away from the three kids and come watch him play. And it's exciting for me because it's a new experience. It's another sport.

Q. Are you a player yourself?
CHRIS EVERT: No, not at all. No. Not at all. I think that golf is a kind of sport that unless you put the time in, to practice and to learn the game, you don't have a good shot at it. So I'm just too busy right now.

Q. That's similar to tennis, right?
CHRIS EVERT: No, tennis, you can get an hour lesson a day, okay. And still do everything you need to do.
But golf is, you know, you need to out there for I would think three or four hours just practicing. I would think. So it is more time consuming.

Q. Greg has told some of the media here that he likes tennis.
CHRIS EVERT: He's a good tennis player. Yeah. He's a good athlete.
I tell him he's too good of an athlete to be a golfer. And because he can run. He has good hand/eye, he can run and he is aggressive and he is intense. And he's in great shape.
So he's, it's fun to play with him.

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