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May 22, 2008

Doc Rivers


COACH DOC RIVERS: Well, obviously a disappointing loss. I thought our guys played hard for the most part. I never thought we put as much pressure defensively on them as we did in the first game. You know, usually when we shoot basically 49 percent and score 97 points, we win games. Tonight our defense just wasn't as good as it's been.
Disappointing loss. I thought Detroit made some tough shots down the stretch where they were actually well-defended, and you've got to tip your hat off to them. Now we have to go out on the road and win a game, so that's what we'll do.

Q. How do you grade the bench? You had big numbers from your three All-Stars. The bench didn't score that well, but was it that those guys played great or was it just an off-night for the bench offensively?
COACH DOC RIVERS: Yeah, offensively it was a tough night. You know, it's a tough decision with us right now with Eddie and Sam or anyone else. Bottom line is so far in the two games we've taken Rajon off the floor we've struggled offensively, and it's due to their ball pressure. We have to handle that better, there's no doubt about that.
You know, I thought PJ gave us a great look. Other than that, we didn't get a lot from our bench, but our bench is going to be our bench and it's not going to change. We have capable guys and they'll play well. It's good to see Ray get going in the second half. But like I said, guys, so Ray got going but we didn't win the game. For me, and as always, it's about our defense. We didn't have a great defensive night tonight.

Q. When you see Ray have a night like this, especially since he's such a rhythm guy, is this the sort of thing that typically will spring somebody?
COACH DOC RIVERS: You know, I mean, I understand the question, and probably, and I hope so. But I can tell you, that's not -- that wasn't a concern for me going into the game. I believe in Ray, and it's not now -- we lost the game because we gave up too many points. So the scoring of Ray is nice, but we gave up too many points. To me that's why we lost the game.

Q. Paul and Kevin said it was kind of a step slow on defense. Was it simply that, or was it something else, as well?
COACH DOC RIVERS: No, there's nothing wrong. I told you yesterday, the games I was fearful with the fatigue factor was today. I thought the adrenaline of Game 7 would take us through Game 1. Our coaches felt the same way. They made shots off of single doubles that usually we're able to lock and trail and stay behind, and we were a step or two behind. Not a lot you can do with it. You know, we're going to rest tomorrow and we'll be ready for Game 3.

Q. The fact that you haven't had to win a road game and you've survived, you have to basically win one now, do you think that matters?
COACH DOC RIVERS: Well, I hope so, since the other way it didn't work, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, it does matter, clearly, because there has to be a different urgency now, a desperation, where you have the blanket, let's say, of home court. That's been taken away. So now you have to go out and cut your teeth and earn your stripes, and we'll see.

Q. Do you think down the stretch it was more fatigue on your team's part or experience on their team's part? But obviously you couldn't stop them on defense.
COACH DOC RIVERS: You know, it's funny, down the stretch, we came out and scored out of every time-out except for the last play when it was a desperation. The problem is they came out and scored after every one, too. You know, a couple of theirs were very difficult, very difficult; runners with three seconds left, Tayshaun hits one, Rip hits one. I thought some of the plays were defended well, you know, and they still made shots.
The offensive rebound was a killer. I think Rip got it. That was a huge play for us. You know, just trying to recall it, those are the plays that hurt us.
They made plays down the stretch and we didn't make enough plays down the stretch.

Q. I'm sure you use a lot of psychological things and you guys have won a game there. Is that something --
COACH DOC RIVERS: You know, you don't have to. Even if we hadn't, we still do, you know what I mean? The bottom line is we have to go win on the road. I hope it helps that we've won the last time we played there. Having said that, even if we hadn't, we still have to go win.
Like I told you guys, it hasn't happened. I like our team on the road. We haven't played well in the playoffs on the road, but we've been a good road team, and we will be a good road team again.

Q. You kind of mentioned Eddie. What about Sam? You might have to play him. Sounds like you're thinking about him a little bit maybe?
COACH DOC RIVERS: Yeah. You know how you guys are. If Sam is not playing well, play Eddie. If Eddie is not playing well, play Sam. Either way you're a dunce (laughter).
No, we are, though. I think on the road Sam's experience could help. We'll see.

Q. Right after Ray had that good stretch in the third quarter where you took the lead, he picked up four and five right away to take him back off. Do you think things would have been different if that doesn't happen? Were you going to take him out then anyway?
COACH DOC RIVERS: No. Once he picked his fifth foul up, you had to take him out. You had no choice. It's sometimes the basketball gods. Things are going well and then he picks up his fourth and fifth. I took the gamble on it and actually lost. With Ray having four or five fouls usually you take him out. We were down at that point and we needed to make a run. Ray had it going. I was trying to ride him. He's a veteran, and I thought he could stay out of foul trouble. Rip is a hell of a player and that was a hell of a pump fake he put on him and he picked up his fifth foul, so we got burned a little there.

Q. You said this I think a week ago, you were probably going to have to win on the road. This time of year you've got to win on the road, so this is not a surprising position to be in for you?
COACH DOC RIVERS: No, it really isn't. Obviously I wanted to win them all at home. Having said that, the most we can have is six more home games when I think about it, and that's it. But through that stretch, I fully believe, and I've said it many times, at some point we're going to have to win on the road. We've gotten away with it thus far. That's been taken away. And if we want what we want, we have to win on the road, and that's just the way it is.

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