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May 22, 2008

Vijay Singh


Q. Tell us the problem?
VIJAY SINGH: It is one of the rib muscles on the left hand side of my body. When I hit shorter clubs it was all right but then when I tried any longer clubs, it started hurting pretty bad.

Q. When did it start?
VIJAY SINGH: Really after I arrived here on Monday. Perhaps I started hitting balls a little cold after the long trip, didn't warm up properly, I don't know. After coming off the flight I thought I was fine and I was excited about playing in this tournament. I gave it all I had to play, I went to the range over the past couple of days and even this morning and really put in the effort to play but it just wasn't to be. Maybe the flight wasn't as comfortable as I thought!

Q. Did you have treatment over here?
VIJAY SINGH: Yes I did, every day, I had ice and then heat and vice versa and I thought it was actually getting better and I had ultrasound treatment on it too, whatever they could do for me I had, but I didn't want to go out there and take a spot away from somebody, withdrawing after three or four holes which was possible. If I'm out there I want to make the effort to win the tournament, not just play but it wasn't to be. As I said I was on the range this morning trying my best to make it and it was okay until I hit a three wood and it kind of starting catching me again. It is a very sharp pain which was unbearable at times.

Q. You must be disappointed?
VIJAY SINGH: Very much so because if I played well here I thought I had a good chance of winning the tournament. I don't get injured that often and this is a weird one. It is not my ribs, it is not my back, it is the oblique muscle in my ribs that is the problem. I am going to go back home and rest and see if I can play next week now. The Memorial is a good event too and I'd like to be in that. I am going to go home and rest, maybe go the doctors too to see if I can get an MRI done because I think might be a little tear in there too. I have to get myself sorted out because it is a big year and a big spell coming up, I mean the US Open is only three or four weeks away.

Q. And there is a fair chance of you having to hit some long clubs there!!
VIJAY SINGH: One or two! And out of the rough usually!!

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