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August 16, 2002

Michelle Ellis


LAURA NEAL: Michelle, you said you were glad that's over. The conditions getting pretty tough out there?

MICHELLE ELLIS: That has to be the toughest 1-under I've shot in a long time. The wind out there is just nothing like -- we played in the U.S. Open in Kansas and it was windy and Scotland last week. But out there right now is not really a place you want to be at the moment.

LAURA NEAL: How do you feel going into the weekend?

MICHELLE ELLIS: I feel pretty good. I was getting tired in the wind and that coming home. But I made a great putt on 17 for birdie and put myself back no it.

LAURA NEAL: Maybe we can go over your scorecard.

MICHELLE ELLIS: Birdie on one was, I hit it left off the tee and hit it to the front edge and holed like a 60 footer.

That was about 108 yards out. And just I hit it and landed like three yards short and spun, went back into the hole. I hit a pitching wedge there.

That was, I made the crowd feel human on that hole. We were -- I chipped out and hit 5-wood up to the left side and got up-and-down for five.

LAURA NEAL: The bogey on 10.

MICHELLE ELLIS: Same thing again. I struggled with my driver for the next couple holes after that and pulled it left into the rough. And it kicked left front short of the green and into the bunker. I didn't get up-and-down.

LAURA NEAL: Birdie on 11.

MICHELLE ELLIS: 11, again I was left off the tee. 7-wood out. And then hit like a punch 6-iron into about 20 feet or so and holed it.

LAURA NEAL: Double on 15.

MICHELLE ELLIS: At that stage I was about to choke my caddy. Just I hadn't estimated the wind, I tried to grip down on a 7-wood and pulled it a little bit, but it just took, I missed the green to the left a little bit and kicked on the down slope down into over the back of the green. A place I didn't think you could get to. And it took two to get up there and missed the bogey putt.

LAURA NEAL: Birdie on 17.

MICHELLE ELLIS: 7-iron, to about eight feet or so.

Q. Talking about that 7th hole, how did you feel about that shot, that terrible misfortune you had?

MICHELLE ELLIS: Well, we're all human. I know that. But I really couldn't tell you where it come from. It amazed me just as much as it did probably everybody that was watching. Like I said, it haunted me a bit for the next few holes. I pulled a few left and lost my timing a little bit with my driver through to 12, 13. And but after that I sort of pulled myself together. It was just tough out there at the moment with the breeze into you and trying to keep your timing and your swing is pretty tough out there at the moment.

Q. The more the wind, the week goes, it looks like nobody will have a very low scores on that course. Do you think it will be interesting this weekend having a lot of players at the same range?

MICHELLE ELLIS: Yeah, it will. Definitely. And if the wind keeps blowing tomorrow and the next day the same sort of scenario is going to happen. The greens are pretty quick and it's hard down breeze to hold the greens. Even though they are holding well. And you just got to bring a lot of people into contention with that, yeah.

Q. You say it was a very tough round for you. Why? Give me some explanation of that.

MICHELLE ELLIS: I would have to say basically because of the wind. The wind and trying to -- I'm not at the best I want to be. I've had a long trip back from Scotland and it's mentally tough and draining trying to play in the golf wind, as windy as it is. And you drop your guard a little bit and it's big trouble. That's what we're finding, it's just so much concentration for four or five hours, trying to guess wind, estimate numbers and things like that. So that's what I reckon the toughest thing to do out there is. And that's why the scores aren't low for many people.

Q. Is the wind changing direction or is it always the same?

MICHELLE ELLIS: It swirled a little bit toward the middle of the round. But so the last 7 or 8 holes it was just dead straight down on 18.

Q. And can you talk about your overall season?

A. My overall season? I've had a pretty good season for my second year out here. And I had a great start to the year in Australia and got a lot of confidence out of that. Changed my coach, went back to my original coach that I first ever started playing, when I first ever started playing golf and got things back to normal and made them a little bit more simpler. And this year it's been a lot more comfortable, you know where you're going, you know the tournaments, it's just little things. You know the golf courses that suit you. You know where the locker room is. You know where all the things are when you arrive at a venue. You know what airports to fly into and all that sort of stuff. So, yeah, that's, this year, knowing all those things made it a little bit more comfortable on the golf course because all you have to worry about now is just go out and play. LAURA NEAL: Thank, Michelle, good job.


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