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May 22, 2008

Joey Sindelar


Q. Obviously the afternoon the wind really picked up and you started off well, you were hitting some nice shots, but did the conditions really play into kind of what happened to you?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, this is a brutal day. Most of my pain was self inflicted, I'm sorry to report. I think that I hit it poorly and putted poorly and on a course this good you just can't do that stuff. Although, you know, you look at what went on today, just 1 or 2-under par, the usual suspects there. Great players at the top. It was a lot of work. You had to get away with a couple. You had to make some good guesses and I just wasn't very good at it today. Is so I'm going to try to grind a little bit and try to get it today.

Q. Obviously tomorrow you're playing in the morning and the conditions might be a little easier, but obviously you need to go real low to make it to the weekend.
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, I haven't examined cut scores. I don't know that I would have to go real low. I would think that scores are probably pretty high today. But I just have to do better than what I did today. I just wasn't up to the challenge and I, the course won today. So I got to try to get it back tomorrow.

Q. Nice group following you though.
JOEY SINDELAR: Oh, it was fun. Lots of good people from home. I'm sorry I gave them exactly zero birdie to cheer for today. So it wouldn't have been that much fun watching three guys kind of bleed to death out there. Although Tim hung in there nicely. But it's always nice to be around the home folks and we'll try to do better for them tomorrow.

Q. I heard you mention how much fun you're having out here, playing with these guys, and obviously I think that the trip down to Endicott this July will be your first as a senior, is that correct?
JOEY SINDELAR: Dick's Sporting Goods this summer will be my first trip down there as a Champions Tour guy and I look forward to that. That's going to be fun. I had a lot of great times on that golf course and it's even closer to home than this so we should have a good time there.

Q. Obviously when the B C Open pulled out of there and seeing that town get an event like the Champions Tour, that's awesome.
JOEY SINDELAR: I always thought that it might be even a better fit. The last handful of years as a Regular Tour event it was opposite, always opposite something and then opposite the British Open and it wasn't, it was always going to be talked about that it wasn't a great field and where is everybody and all that stuff. And I think that now that it's Champions Tour it has a chance to be its best and hopefully we won't have any floods, any more 100 year floods for another 10 years at least. And I think the course will be the way they want it and I'm sure the guys will have a great time.

Q. Will you be doing your part to use your influence to get some of the bigger names down here, do you think?
JOEY SINDELAR: Well on this tour it's pretty interesting because we have, we have off weeks. And guys, guys that in this part of their life have the ability to say, you know what, my son or daughter is graduating from this or that, there's stuff going on that they can afford to go do.
So if anybody asks I'll be sure to tell them that the town will be glad to have them. But I don't think I have the ability to change anybody's mind. I will tell them the food is good. We eat well at home, that's for sure.

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