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May 22, 2008

Jim Woodward


Q. Great round. How do you feel about it?
JIM WOODWARD: Well, I feel real good. I played, I hit it really, really, really solid. I feel like I left some stuff out there. So 72 though around this golf course, I'm happy with it for sure.

Q. Did the weather affect while you were out there at all? The sun came out, went in.
JIM WOODWARD: Yeah, you know, the golf course is so hard, geez, you just got to have so much patience. If you start worrying about the weather and everything else you're going to shoot a million.
So I kind of plodded along, my caddie and I just tried to hit shots and not worry about what was happening.

Q. So this is no longer a vacation for you, you've got a great score up there. Does that change things for you?
JIM WOODWARD: No, I got one round in and I feel like I didn't beat Oak Hill, but it didn't beat me. So we got a lot of golf left. So I'm on vacation every day I go out. I feel lucky just to be playing at 50 years old and still being able to compete.

Q. Have you played here before?
JIM WOODWARD: Never seen it until this week.

Q. What's your impression?
JIM WOODWARD: Oh, Geez, well, how about harder than shit? Can you say that?

Q. Absolutely you can say that.
JIM WOODWARD: Well, it's a perfect example to me that these old great golf courses, I mean, you don't have to have buried elephants in the greens and 8,000 yards. You grow rough up, you have greens that are slick and they're tilted from back to front and it's all you want.

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