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May 22, 2008

Dave Arbuckle


Q. Brief description of your round today?
DAVE ARBUCKLE: You know, this is my first Major and I feel like I was ready, but, and I came out and missed a couple fairways early on and kind of lost my iron swing.
Other than that I had some great shots out there, here and there. Had a lot of nice up-and-downs. But didn't hit the ball as well as I needed to from the fairway.
I caught a couple of tight lies going into the green and kind of pulled a couple of them left. And so that's pretty much what happened with my round.
I putted nicely early on. I missed one little short one on the back. Other than that I putted pretty well. But I never gave myself really a real nice chance for scoring.

Q. You say this was your first Major, right?
DAVE ARBUCKLE: Yeah, it's my first Major.

Q. Was it everything you expected it would be?
DAVE ARBUCKLE: Yeah, the course is in great shape. It was a little bit chilly out there this morning, a little wet. And it was tough to get as loose as I needed to be right off the bat. It was nice though because I guess we were the last group in the morning, so I caught kind of a break there as far as tee times getting that morning tee time, with the weather being what it was early on.
But, yeah, they're doing a great job here. The course is wonderful. I can't imagine playing anywhere else in -- and I played four practice rounds and was just stiffing my irons everywhere. But didn't quite have my iron swing and was kind of holding on a little bit, I guess.

Q. What do you have to do over the next couple days to improve?
DAVE ARBUCKLE: Immediately I think I've got to get down there on the range and work on my back swing position with my irons. My driver was good. I don't think the scoring will show that I hit a bunch of fairways, but I was in the first cut, which is not bad, and that happened several times.
And so I just got to get my iron game together a little bit. My putting stroke feels pretty solid. My woods are pretty good. But, and you know, the course I'm at and where I play in Colorado, I don't get the opportunity to play on quite these kind of lies when they're a little wet out there and tight, it makes it a little bit more difficult to control your distance. And that kind of thing.

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