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May 22, 2008

Mike Barge


Q. How did your round go today?
MIKE BARGE: Better than most of the people I've been running into around here. I was very happy with my score. I hit some real good quality irons, especially on my second nine. But didn't drive the ball particularly well, which you really have to do around here. I think I maybe hit six fairways out of the 14.
So that score-wise, I'm very pleased with shooting 72, especially since I hit it kind of crooked.

Q. How did the weather affect your play today?
MIKE BARGE: Being from Minnesota we have had a lot of days like this in the last month or so. So it's, I've played in four or five layers before and had the stocking cap on. And it was a little bit chilly starting out, but it didn't rain. Which was the key.
If it had been just a little bit of drizzle along with the wind and the cold, then it would have been a whole different story. But at times it was, at times it actually was not too bad.
So hopefully we got the worst of the weather out of the way and it sounds like it's supposed to improve quite dramatically the next two or three days, so that will help.

Q. What do you have to do over the next two or three days to keep that strong play up?
MIKE BARGE: Got to keep the ball in the fairway and got to putt. That's the same story with everybody, pretty much. If you can hit the fairways it certainly makes your second shot easier and you got to be hitting greens out here to try and keep the ball below the hole.
So that's basically the key. I mean it sounds fairly easy, but it's obviously not, seeing what the scores are doing out there. So but, yeah the guy that can drive the ball straight and keep the ball below the hole will win.

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