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May 22, 2008

Bob Boyd


Q. Just tell me a little bit about your round and what the conditions were like out there and I know it was a pretty difficult day weather wise?
BOB BOYD: Yeah, it was raining a little bit this morning warming up. But actually the rain wasn't a bother, really. I don't know if it rained much at all, if it did, it just spit a little bit.
But the conditions were pretty tough. It was cold. The ball wasn't traveling very far. And the wind was blowing about like it is now. I think that's what it will do all day.
I started out very well and birdied three of the first holes and hit some nice irons in there close and made them. And then just kept driving barely in the rough and I just made too many bogeys.
And of course it was disappointing that I double bogeyed the 9th and 18th holes. That kind of hurt my round tremendously.

Q. Have you ever experienced the rough quite like that?
BOB BOYD: Yeah. I had the opportunity to play in 10 PGAs and five U.S. Opens, so I have seen rough like this. It's difficult. I guess probably the hardest part right now is that it's a little bit wet. And it is just hard to advance the ball very far out of the rough. Unless you get extremely lucky and catch a good lie. Which is few and far between.
I did not hit a green from the rough. So if I hit it in the rough, I had to play to a position to where I was hoping to have a little par putt or make a bogey, so.

Q. What would you categorize as a good score today?
BOB BOYD: I would certainly think 1- or 2-over would be a good score in my mind. 1-over each side would be a good score. The course was set up fair and like said, I think the wind is a factor, but it's not howling and the golf course is in great shape.

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