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May 22, 2008

Eduardo Romero


Q. Just ask you basically, I'm wondering if you played here before and what did you think of the course and how pleased are you to shoot what you shot?
EDUARDO ROMERO: I think the last time here it was in 2003, I think it was 2003. And the PGA I think it was here. And then I played and made the cut and played good that time.
Then I come back here and it's a fantastic golf course. It's very tough. The rough is tough. Greens are very tough. And the fairways are very tight.
Around the greens especially. The greens have a lot of slope on them. But also the weather is what's tough this morning. It was very cold this morning. But well, it's the same for everybody.
I played good today. Just make a mistake on the last hole and make bogey on the last hole. But I played good. I putted good, driving good. And just for 1-over, it is okay. I talked with my caddie this morning and I say if we make 1-over or whatever, you know, that's a good round. And then I make 1-over, you know, and I have three more days to go. And then my game is happy -- I'm happy with my round.

Q. What are you looking to do tomorrow?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Tomorrow I think I play in the afternoon and hopefully weather is better tomorrow afternoon and, well, I'll do the same. My swing is good and putting good and then just got three more rounds to go.

Q. How often do you play in this kind of weather? Obviously --
EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, yeah, I know, you know, I play in Europe for 25 years. And then I play in this weather in England, Ireland, it's exactly the same, you know, all year long. Rainy, cold, windy, and well I like to play like this. Because my game I hit the ball very low and then I think that I have a lot of, a little advantage of the other guys because I hit it low. You see the score, you see Langer play in Europe, the others play in Europe, even par, 1-over. Tomorrow I think it's the same. More good weather, sunshine and then going to be a little more different.

Q. So it's going to be a little more different?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, yeah, I think it's a little bit better, more, you know, hopefully the weather is better for tomorrow than it's been.

Q. What happened on 18?
EDUARDO ROMERO: 18, I make mistake. I think it was the second shot that I hit 8-iron and it probably was 7-iron. But I make mistake, it is my fault and then --

Q. What happened at 18?
EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, yeah, it was short and then it gets in the rough and then chipping and short and miss the putt for par from five feet. But that's okay. Just one mistake. That's -- I'll take it. One mistake a round. I'll take it.

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