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May 22, 2008

Kirk Hanefeld


Q. The good news is you're the clubhouse leader. The bad news is you ran into some trouble on the last hole.
KIRK HANEFELD: I hit four bad tee shots today combined, total of the four tee shots missed the fairway by 10 feet and every single one of them I had to chop it out.
I made one bad swing today, my third shot on No. 9, my last hole. Short sided myself where I couldn't get it up-and-down.
But I played solid all day and made that one bad mistake on the last hole that I played, which doesn't make you feel too good right now.

Q. How is it like being one of the first groups out today?
KIRK HANEFELD: Tough. Brutal. I think on a nice warm day this is a tough golf course. With the conditions that we had this morning it was about as hard as I've ever seen.
So if somebody had said I would shoot 71 the first day before I started I would have taken it in a heart beat. But the way I played it was about as high as I could have shot.

Q. Is the rough right now the most penalizing thing right now?
KIRK HANEFELD: Brutal. I hit in the rough four times and every single time I had to hit sand wedge out. I just had no chance to advance the ball. And I didn't miss the fairway by much. I missed, like I said, four tee shots combined total and missed it by 10 feet.
And the last hole I missed the fairway by that far and I had to hit sand wedge out just to get it out. And then I made one bad swing and it cost me another shot.

Q. You did have a couple birdies, right?
KIRK HANEFELD: I made three birdies, two bogeys, and a double. So I had it under par most of the day. Between even and under and I'm still happy with the round, but it, I played better than 71.

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