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May 22, 2008

Gary Sowinski


Q. Well, wasn't that brutal? The first group out there, tell me how the course was playing, I guess?
GARY SOWINSKI: The course was playing hard, but the tough part in the morning was it was just so cold. It's getting nice right now. But the morning was really pretty cold.

Q. You get a later time tomorrow?
GARY SOWINSKI: It will be nice to go at 12:30 tomorrow when it's warmer.

Q. Couple 3-putts on the back nine?
GARY SOWINSKI: Yeah. I played a little better on the back, front nine I didn't play very good. I screwed up when I got to the third hole, a shot I like to hit in there, I like to run it up the hill and I didn't hit it hard enough and it came all the way back at me to make a quick double there.
Back side I think I 3-putted 14 and 15 back to back?

Q. Yeah.
GARY SOWINSKI: And other than that it really wasn't too bad. I didn't play great, but.

Q. Were the greens holding with it being a little wet?
GARY SOWINSKI: Yeah, the greens seemed fine. I just didn't hit, I just haven't putted well. There's some putts I think the ball is going to go one direction and it doesn't and another time I think it's straight and it goes, so. I need to get my eyes checked.

Q. What are you going to do tomorrow?
GARY SOWINSKI: Hang in there and try to play and play as good as I can. And knowing how hard the golf course is, especially if you hit it in the rough, just know that I can, if I play good, I can still make the cut and just keep grinding away.

Q. How many years? Is this your first time playing?
GARY SOWINSKI: No, this is my fourth PGA and I played in I think three U.S. Senior Opens.

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