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May 21, 2008

Rajon Rondo


Q. Talk about the assists and rebounds and the nice job the defense did yesterday.
RAJON RONDO: Yeah, definitely. Chauncey may have been hurt, but I wanted to keep him out of the paint and make him take tough shots.

Q. He didn't have the greatest of games in Game 1, but I think you're wise enough to know that this is one series.
RAJON RONDO: Yeah, definitely. There's a lot of ups and downs in these games, especially in these series. I'm sure he'll be a lot more aggressive tomorrow night and we've just got to be ready.

Q. You outscored them 44 to 22 in the paint. You got to the basket. Is that the key to this series?
RAJON RONDO: I think that is one of the keys to the series. There's many keys, I believe. We also have to keep them off the defensive glass, as well. Keep them off the line, and defensive rebounds.

Q. Why were you able to get to the basket against this team?
RAJON RONDO: My teammates made great picks for me. You know, when they swung the ball, I had bigs running at me and I wanted to feed off the dribble and attack.

Q. This is your first time in the playoffs. Does anything surprise you about it?
RAJON RONDO: Not really. I mean, it's physical. It's been a lot more physical in the playoffs. But other than that, each possession counts and you've got to take care of the ball.

Q. The first game you guys had against the Pistons (indiscernible.) How much different are you today than you were in that game?
RAJON RONDO: I think I'm a lot different. Maybe the same physically, but I think I've matured a lot more and understand the game more and what he's trying to do and how he's attacking me.
I'm sure he'll come back, like I said, tomorrow night and be very aggressive, but I'm going to hold my ground and try to be aggressive, as well.

Q. Was there anything wrong last night? You said you didn't want to chat after the game.
RAJON RONDO: My throat was hurting me, was bothering me, and I was tired, so yeah.

Q. How loose is this team right now?
RAJON RONDO: I don't think we're loose at all, really. We're not too high, never too low. We want to stay humble and continue to get this win at home.

Q. You said what was bothering you last night?
RAJON RONDO: My throat was hurting. It's fine, just a sore throat.

Q. What did you think of all the buildup of you against Chauncey? You heard that all year, you're going to have to face him in the playoffs. What did you think of that buildup?
RAJON RONDO: I didn't think much. I haven't done much in this league, and Chauncey is a great player and he's proven himself. I don't feel any pressure at all because my teammates have my back, but then again, it comes down to the point guards who run the team. So I'll just try to go out there and run my team, let Paul, Ray and KG make the plays.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RAJON RONDO: That was a big emphasis that Coach Rivers told me, to use my quickness and my speed to attack Chauncey and put pressure on him up the court. You know, he was going to try to back me down, but other than that, he hasn't checked me at the other end.

Q. You're expecting him to be way more aggressive tomorrow?
RAJON RONDO: At times. Chauncey is a smart player. I'm sure he won't try to do too much, but at times when his team needs him to make shots and make baskets, he'll step up and try to make a play.

Q. (Inaudible.)
RAJON RONDO: I'm sure they'll make an adjustment next game. If not, Rasheed is a great defender and Tayshaun is a good defender, as well. Those two guys have been holding their own throughout the season, but Flip Saunders is a great coach so I'm sure he'll make an adjustment.

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