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May 20, 2008

Tayshaun Prince


Q. Did you think Chauncey was a little hesitant out there? Seemed as if he wasn't quite himself all game.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Maybe he was just trying to get a feel for it in the first quarter. But throughout the game, I don't know if it was bothering him. Obviously this has been a long layoff for him, but he tested it the last couple days in practice. He felt okay.
But I don't know. You'd have to ask him on that one because I really don't know. I didn't ask him whether he was hurt or not, but I'm pretty sure if he was, he would have came out of the game and let Stuckey finish it off.

Q. Just wondering if the week off had any effect on you guys.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: You know what, I don't know. There's always ups and downs on that situation as far as a lot of rest is good and whatnot. Obviously we needed it for the simple fact that Chauncey was hurt. They got off to a good start. We started sluggish, and they pretty much kept the pace throughout.
But as far as that long layoff, you never know what's best. You can't blame that.

Q. Celtics were able to outscore the Pistons 44-22, I think, in the paint. Can you talk about the adjustments that you'll make for Game 2?
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I think early on, I don't know if it was at the end of the first or maybe ten minutes, nine minutes left in the second quarter, I think they had 20 at that point or 24 or somewhere in that area. That's obviously unacceptable because when you're playing a team like them, you've really got to limit their opportunities in the paint. Obviously if we let them score like that in the paint, it's going to be a huge problem like that throughout the series. For them to get all those paint points and for us to be down six with five minutes to go, that was obviously in our favor. We've definitely got to do a better job of that.

Q. Could you talk about the Celtics' defense tonight. Flip was saying that he thought you guys never really got into a good flow. This looked a lot like the defense we saw all year.
TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Well, when we're playing against a good defensive team, if you don't execute from the start of the game, they pretty much can dictate the tempo throughout. So definitely they're a great defensive team. They're long, they're athletic just like we are. So in order to try to beat that, we've got to continue to move the ball. Obviously when we get stagnant it's in their favor, so we've just got to move the ball better in Game 2. When you're playing a defensive team like them, situations happen like they happened today. We settled for some tough shots to face the shot clock violations, so we've got to do a better job.

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