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May 17, 2008

Bradley Dredge


MICHAEL GIBBONS: 31 on the back nine, why don't you start off telling us about that and we'll go from there.
BRADLEY DREDGE: I started there with the first birdie on 10. I hit a 9-iron in there, it was about 155 yards to about 15, 18 feet. First good putt I holed all day, so it was nice to see one go in.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Got the momentum going, did it?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I birdied 9, hit a good approach shot and birdied 10, as well and got up-and-down on 11, so that was very important. And then birdied 12 from the green-side bunker to about three feet.
Birdied 14. I had a putt from about 15 feet again, quite a straight sort of putt straight up the hill. So nice to knock that one in there.
Holed another nice one on 15 from about -- must have been 18, 20 feet there.
And then last, good up-and-down from just over the back right of the green.

Q. Would winning tomorrow make up for last year?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, that's a good question. I would love to go out tomorrow -- obviously not get in a playoff, and it turns out right. That would be my -- I don't want to go into a playoff with an Irishman put it that way!

BRADLEY DREDGE: Quite disappointing to drop four shots in six holes. It wasn't very nice coming in the last few holes there. Nothing was really working. I hit a pretty good approach shot from the rough on 8, and flew the green and took another bogey, and then made birdie on 9. So I was not in a good mood coming off the course yesterday.
I was still in the tournament, I was only three away, but you know, to go from 7-under after ten holes to finish up at 3-under wasn't a very good performance.

Q. Winning would make amends for last year?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I suppose, yeah. It's always a tough one to swallow when you lose in a playoff; so in a way it would be nice to erase that memory. Still, I'd like to have won last year and come back and be in this position again. But that's not the case, but at least I've got another chance to win this tournament. I do like it here obviously. The golf course seems to suit me. I would very much like to go out there tomorrow and put a good performance in and obviously take the trophy home.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Very much so. I was very disappointed after losing last year in the playoff. After a couple of days, you're on to the next one and you're focusing on that.
Coming here this year, I have good memories of playing the course well last year, even though the conditions were tougher. But the lay-ups are still the same, so, yeah, good memories all in all. I managed to conquer the 18th hole so far.

Q. There's not too strong an Irish challenge - will that help tomorrow?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, you know, obviously last year, I was playing against Padraig and the Irish crowd want to see him win. You have to sort of shut yourself off a little bit more. Obviously you're by yourself, anyway, but you just have to shut yourself off and just get on with the job.
In a way, it would be a little bit easier tomorrow in that, you know, the crowd, they will be pulling for their home favourite, put it that way.

Q. Despite the play-off --did you come here with more positives than negatives?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I played really well last year, and yeah, slight misjudgment on the second shot from the rough in the playoff. I played quite a good shot and it just went too hard and wound up in the hazard.
Apart from that, obviously I enjoy playing this course. I know it's taken criticism for being too difficult, but I prefer a course that's difficult and you don't actually get penalised for hitting the ball off line; rather than a course where the rough really isn't anything, although it's too easy and you know, 20-odd-under par is a winning score or something.

Q. Has this form been coming?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I feel so. I feel over the winter, I spent a lot of time sort of working hard on any game, and I feel as though the last few events, even though I don't have any Top-10s this year, I've been up there. Quite a few good rounds and been up there a few times and showed some good signs.
The way I do my schedule, this is the time I want to be playing well. You always want to peak for certain times of the year, and now is certainly one of those times. This is obviously a big event and then Wentworth next week, and then the biggest one of the year, Celtic Manor.

Q. Did you have negatibve thoughts today with the bogey at the first and considering your finish yesterday?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Not really - I chipped-in on the second. It's actually a tough start around here. Especially missing fairways. I missed the fairway on the first, missed the fairway on the second and level par after those two holes, I was actually quite happy.
It's just a matter of if you are sort of playing a bit poorly, grind out for a while and hopefully your game comes together, which today it did.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Bradley, good luck tomorrow.

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