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May 15, 2008

Camilo Villegas


Q. Camilo, solid round. I know you are disappointed with the way it finished with a bogey at 18, but all in all pretty solid.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: It was. I putted beautiful today, still made some mistakes. You know what I hit two balls in the water. Then on 18 I 4-ironed in. I mean I need to make four, I need to make five at worst. And, unfortunately, to go with a seven is a little disappointing. But you know what, I'll be back tomorrow.

Q. Tell us about the eagle, 13. You drove the green.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: It was a good one. I was very excited when I saw I was on the green, and I looked at my caddie and said, You know what, let's make this one.
I donate $3,000 for every eagle to Stanford St. Jude, and when I saw it trickle in I said that's going in. So I was excited about that one.

Q. You like this place. A year ago you played awfully well. What is it about this golf course and your game?
CAMILO VILLEGAS: I don't know. Just to be honest I don't know. I just rolled some good putts in today.
The greens are rolling nice and smooth, and you just got to have a good attitude toward every golf course you play.

Q. Lastly, you might have caught a break with the weather. They're expecting a lot of rain this afternoon. Might have been a good thing playing over this morning. First tee time of the day.
CAMILO VILLEGAS: Yeah, I mean the greens were still soft.
You know what, it's funny. When I first got on tour I said, man, raining, it's hard. You know what, it starts raining and those boys go low. So who knows. I mean, hopefully they can finish and we can get this tournament in.

Q. Camilo. Thanks. Appreciate it.

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