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May 15, 2008

Jonathan Kaye


THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Jonathan Kaye. You had a nice round today talk about your day.
JONATHAN KAYE: Started off pretty nice. Birdie on 2 and 6; the short ones. Made a nice par on 4 after hitting it in the water. And another good par on 10 after getting in a little trouble on my lay-up. And had a nice finish and birdie on 17 and 18.
THE MODERATOR: Do we have any questions?

Q. You had a good number on the board given the fact that weather may be coming in in the afternoon?
JONATHAN KAYE: It's nice to be done I can tell you that. I don't know is weather coming? I thought according to everything I saw it was suppose to be raining all morning, so I guess I felt pretty fortunate not getting wet.

Q. (No microphone.)
JONATHAN KAYE: I haven't been getting in any tournaments based on my number and the qualifying score.

Q. How are you?
JONATHAN KAYE: I feel pretty good. It's definitely not 100% but I think it's about as good as it's going to get.

Q. (No microphone.)
JONATHAN KAYE: It's just hard to walk, you know, especially when you are getting timed around, when you got to run. Running's very difficult.

Q. You were running today?
JONATHAN KAYE: We had a little problem out there. I don't know how but somehow we did.

Q. It's not a walker's course either?
Yeah, we got in a little trouble on the fifth hole, not me personally but someone in my group did, and, you know, needed a ruling, and we fell a little bit behind and then we got rushed around till 13. So it wasn't that enjoyable for those few holes. But, other than that, it was a nice day.

Q. Where it's harder to walk, do you sense it, do you feel your foot at all? Does it affect you at all?
JONATHAN KAYE: Oh yeah, definitely. You know, I could feel it. It's sore right now. So I'll go get some treatment on it and hopefully I will feel a little better later when I get some time to rest it.
Normally it's okay. It is a hilly course so pushing off kind of aggravates it a little bit, I think.

Q. Is this course about as tough to walk as any on tour? That's kind of some of the talk has been like that.
JONATHAN KAYE: Yeah, you know there's some good climbs out there. A few of them they give us a ride on, you know, from 9 to 10 and from 6 to -- or 6 to 7. There's some nice little, you know, cardiac hills out there for you to get your heart rate up right before you got to hit. It's kind of like the Tour de France, you know.

Q. They were not able to over seed this year because of the drought conditions and all. Could you tell any difference in the course? Was the ball running out more and did that change the way you had to approach anything?
JONATHAN KAYE: You know, my ball is going nowhere so I didn't notice it. I noticed my playing partner pounding it out there. But there's some bare spots out there. But all in all you know the course is in really nice shape. I've seen it in better condition but it's -- you know, the greens are fantastic so I have no complaints about the condition.

Q. This round coming on today from you, did you see --
JONATHAN KAYE: I haven't played in seven weeks so-- or six weeks -- so I just go out and take what it gives me.

Q. What did you do during the seven weeks?
JONATHAN KAYE: I was at home with my family, taking care of my kids, being Mr. Mom, which is fun.

Q. Were you going stir crazy though?
JONATHAN KAYE: Not really. I'm fine being at home.

Q. Did you get a chance to practice? Were you out there every day practicing?
JONATHAN KAYE: No but, you know, I got my times. I'd go out and try to get my work in.
THE MODERATOR: All right, Jonathan, thanks for coming in. Appreciate it.

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