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May 9, 2008

Meredith Duncan


Q. Just talk about it.
MEREDITH DUNCAN: It was good. I hit -- it was a hole if I would have hit a good drive I could have gotten there in two. I only have a 4-wood so I don't hit it very far. Hit a good drive out there. Hit a 4-wood down there and then had like just 68 yards to the hole. Hit a little wedge up there to four feet for a birdie.

Q. 50-degree treated you well today?
MEREDITH DUNCAN: That it was like 50 yards, yeah.

Q. Okay. I understand Mary Bryant said you signed up for the her Pro-Am. Obviously you're not going to be able to do that. It's got to feel good, though.
MEREDITH DUNCAN: Yeah, it's good. I mean we got insurance.

Q. I'm sorry for coming in late. Can you just talk about a little bit how you played today, 3-under, especially in the morning with that rain?
MEREDITH DUNCAN: It was awful. I was just telling him, I birdied 11 and 12. Started at 10. Then eagled 15. Holed it from about 75 yards on 15.

Q. What club did you hit?
MEREDITH DUNCAN: 50-degree wedge. I was playing it 75 yards but playing it close to 90.
Then 16, hit a real good drive and I had like ball below my feet lie. Had like a good fade lie but the good 35 mile an hour wind on 16. It was ridiculous, really.
Hit a 4-wood and kind of thinned it a little bit and got up in the wind and went right and out of bounds. Then hit another 4-wood and hit it just pin high right and almost chipped it in for bogey and made double.
You know, there's not a whole lot I can do about that.

Q. So overall, though, you got to feel great about the way you played here at 6-under.
MEREDITH DUNCAN: I feel really good. I got a new putter this week and I really stroked it well and really been working on putting a lot and just making more birdies because usually hit a lot of fairways and lot of greens, have a lot of opportunities but never convert. Made a lot of birdies the last couple days. Made a lot more than my usual.

Q. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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