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May 9, 2008

Boo Weekley


DOUG MILNE: Boo Weekley, thanks for joining us. Second round, 71, you came off 18 a little bit hot, not the ideal finish, but still with what's going on out there, you're in great position as you head into the weekend. Just a couple comments on the day.
BOO WEEKLEY: The day was pretty good. I mean, I struck the ball real well off the tee. Got it where I can keep it in play right now and hit a lot of good iron shots. It's just that putter has been awful the last two days. I think I've had five 3-putts today, and that's including ones off the green.
Overall, I'm in great position. I think I gave myself a chance, at least; if I can just go out and figure out something with that putter, maybe we can see what happens on the weekend.
DOUG MILNE: With the way the wind is out there, what number do you think we are looking at as far as a lead.
BOO WEEKLEY: I think the lead -- Sergio's at 6?
DOUG MILNE: He's at 5 now.
BOO WEEKLEY: I'd say he'll get it to probably about 8. I think somebody will get it to 8, and I think that will be the finishing number of the day.

Q. What do you do to change around your putting? Do you change the technique or do you change putters? What do you do?
BOO WEEKLEY: I've just got to go and work a little harder on the field, just find should putts that are a little more uphill, a little more downhill. Those are the ones I'm mostly struggling with is the ones going up the hill; I feel like I gave it a little too much gas.

Q. Do you have other putters, do you go to a backup putter?
BOO WEEKLEY: I've got a putter in the locker but it's a little like and these greens, as fast as they are and as windy as it is, I like a little bit heavier putter.

Q. Can you just talk about how the crowds tend to respond to you? I know you're a Florida guy, and this is kind of your part of the country; you seem to play along with it quite a bit. Could you just talk about how much you like to either feed off the crowd or at least entertain them a little bit wheel you're playing?
BOO WEEKLEY: That's what they come to see, ain't it? They pay their money to watch us play golf. They don't want to see us out there moping around and beating our bags like I do sometime.
It's fun to be able to stand there and have people holler your name or role tied, or something that means something to me; that's important.

Q. Just playing for potential $1.71 million add any more intensity out there?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, ma'am. You've just got to play the golf course. I mean, you know, that's what we're here to do. You've got to beat the golf course, and then if you beat the golf course, then you've got to worry about the guys.

Q. You're playing with Anthony Kim who just won; you just won; was that a good pairing, and why?
BOO WEEKLEY: I think it's a good pairing. I like Anthony Kim. He's a good kid and he's got all the potential of being the superstar, I mean seriously. He loves the game and I love the respect that he gives other people as we're out there playing, you know.
We played together a couple times and played a couple practice rounds together. We both kind of know each other's irons and how far we hit our driver. There's different shots that we know and that makes it a lot easier for both of us because we can kind of judge what's going on that way.

Q. Speaking of Anthony, you scare him hey little bit with that turtle on 8?
BOO WEEKLEY: I did. I got him pretty good with that turtle.

Q. Sounds like you just described a good Ryder Cup team, you and Anthony.
BOO WEEKLEY: That would be fun. I think that would be a good pairing.

Q. If you're either better ball, alternate-shot, how do you think you guys would complement each other or help each other?
BOO WEEKLEY: I think we would do good together. He rolls his rock real good, hits his irons real good and drives the ball real good. If I can get off my rear end and maybe help him out a little bit, I think we'd do good.

Q. What happened with the turtle?
BOO WEEKLEY: There was a turtle leatherback, what we call a soft-Shell turtle off the end of one of the tee boxes there as we was walking to the green. And Anthony was sitting there touching it with his wedge on the shell and I was leaning down was rubbing his back and getting him to feel it, and about that time it went -- (indicating head shooting out) right there, and he jumped and backed up real fast. (Laughter).

Q. Over the last couple of years, you've become a name-brand, yourself. Are you getting used to the attention that they give you at this point?
BOO WEEKLEY: I like the attention, but it bugs me sometimes, you know what I mean. I'd like to just go do my own thing, kind of stay out of everybody's way, you know what I mean. But it is fun to have it, because if they didn't holler your name, that means they didn't like you, you know.

Q. There was a story a couple of weeks ago SI wrote and they quoted your dad as saying you know a lot more about golf than you let on; that you watched golf more as a kid. Just talk about that.
BOO WEEKLEY: Daddy's full of it. (Laughter) Daddy wasn't never there. I mean, he was there, but like he said, I read a bunch of Hogan books; I read two Hogan books, and they were my neighbor's; he said I probably read every Hogan book there was, I think somebody quoted him saying.
And you know, and now I do watch a little more golf but I mean, that ain't nothing -- if I'm laying around the house at night getting ready to fall asleep I'll flip over and see what is golf, what is on, but I ain't going to sit there and just watch it.

Q. Is there any part of you that wants to -- if you get a chance to play in the Ryder Cup, to do a little bit of research and kind of catch up on some of the history of it?
BOO WEEKLEY: I probably won't but I'm pretty sure my wife or somebody will fill me in if I ask them, or Joe, my caddie, he'll probably fill me in.

Q. Who has influenced your game the most then?
BOO WEEKLEY: Lately? I'd have to say -- I mean, that's kind of hard to answer that one, because I mean, I just go and play. I mean, you watch so many different -- all the guys out here, there's so many of us that has different stories of how we get it done; I think like Brian Gay, Heath Slocum, you've got some of the shortest guys out here and how come every weekday in and day out they can compete or win or be in the top 5. To me, that's pretty amazing.
Then you have the guys like Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, how they play at the level they play at week-in and week-out, too, is still amazing.
So I wouldn't say just any one has influenced me. I'm just saying I think I've got a little more comfortable out here and enjoying myself a little more.

Q. You mentioned earlier your frustration with the putting. Is that traditionally the thing that holds you back when you do struggle, and is it frustrating for someone who can hit the ball as well as you to have that part of the game be the one that holds you back?
BOO WEEKLEY: It is. I mean, that is my tendency is to struggle a little bit with the putter. I think I'm working harder and getting better at it; I just think this week here, my speed's just off, you know, so far. I might not have had enough beer or something, I don't know. (Laughter).
But that is probably my weakest part of my game, you know, that, and chipping.

Q. What is it about you and wind? It was blowing a bunch at Hilton Head and you did well there and it's blowing a bunch here and you're doing well here.
BOO WEEKLEY: Some golf courses just kind of set up. When you get on these greens -- see, I like bermudagreens; I grew up on them, so I've got a confident right there of, okay, I know I can read these greens pretty good.
So it's a matter of just hitting them on the right line and getting it where I want to go. That to me is one confident thing that I've got when I came into here, and the other is just trying to hit the ball online and keeping it solid.

Q. A little indecision on the 18th tee about driver or 3-wood; what was the conflict, and you know, do you wish you would have hit driver now?
BOO WEEKLEY: That driver, it ain't been acting right lately. I've got to throw it in the closet or something, leave it in there to give it an attitude adjustment.
I know with the wind blowing off my left, lately I've been pull-hooking the driver. So that's the reason why we decided to just go ahead and hit 3-wood. We know we can hit our normal shot with this about a five yard draw and we just tried to start it down the right side and just pushed it. That's the only reason why we went with 3-wood.

Q. If it keeps blowing the way it did, you were starting to come down 16, 17, 18 this afternoon, do you think three and 4-under is going to be fairly high up there?
BOO WEEKLEY: I believe it ain't going to move a whole lot of positions. I don't think it's going to move much. I mean, if it does -- I think by the end of the day, if it does move, it ain't going to move but maybe one or two positions.
DOUG MILNE: Boo, thank you for your time and best of luck on the weekend.

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