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May 9, 2008

Todd Hamilton


Q. So how was your round?
TODD HAMILTON: I shot 5-over, obviously not as good as yesterday. I was kind of hoping for a little less wind in the morning to get off to a good start, but that didn't happen.

Q. Did you see a change in the greens as the day went on?
TODD HAMILTON: Not really. It'll be changed by the end of the day today, though, yeah.

Q. Was there any distraction with Jeff's situation and that whole thing at all?
TODD HAMILTON: No, not really, no.

Q. Looking at what some of these other guys are doing, there's a couple people making a move. Sergio said yesterday he expected the course to get tougher each day as the tournament went on. Is that the way you want a course set up for a tournament like this?
TODD HAMILTON: I think this golf course is okay with no wind, it's okay with a little wind. But when it blows 20 to 30, I don't think it's a very good golf course. I assume it's going to keep blowing.
I live in Dallas; I saw it's supposed to be windy in Dallas today. I assume either tomorrow or Sunday, that's going to be here, so I expect it to be just as difficult as it was yesterday afternoon and as it's been today, yeah.

Q. Do you adjust your game plan knowing the expectation of how the course will play down the road at all?
TODD HAMILTON: Well, you've got to hope that your short game is good because you're not going to hit all the greens. It's probably going to be very important that not only do you drive it well, obviously your short game and driving, but when you miss shots, you've got to calculate where your misses can be so you don't make a lot of big numbers.
And I heard somebody use this phrase yesterday, you've got to pick off birdies when you can. You can't go trying to birdie every hole out here, or else you're going to shoot about 80 or higher. You've just got to kind of pick off the birdies as you go and minimize your mistakes.

Q. How do you look at it when you go off in the afternoon yesterday and it's kind of windy, then you go off in the morning today and it's windy; you don't get what they had yesterday? Is it just bad luck, bad draw?
TODD HAMILTON: I think it's been windy every day this year that I've played golf it seems like. This has been a bad year for wind for us on the TOUR. I don't enjoy playing golf in the wind, but I've played a lot in the wind before, being from north Texas, or living there now, that I can cope with it. But it's not very fun to do it every day, no, especially on a golf course like this.

Q. When did you learn about Jeff's brother?
TODD HAMILTON: I learned this morning as I was walking. I saw he had withdrawn. I thought it was kind of odd because he played quite well yesterday, even par in the afternoon. And then I walked out to go to the range and one of the caddies mentioned to my caddie and myself what had happened.

Q. Do you know him very well?
TODD HAMILTON: Do I know Jeff very well?

Q. Yeah.
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, I mean, not -- I know him good enough to talk to him and joke with him, but I don't know him good enough to know that he had --

Q. A family situation?
TODD HAMILTON: Yeah. I didn't know that he had an older brother. I heard that's what it was. I'm not sure how many children he has. So I know him good enough to talk to him and joke with him, but I don't know a lot about him.

Q. What a tragedy.
TODD HAMILTON: You never know. It's terrible. You just never know. I mean, I may not play tomorrow, who knows. Something might happen to me. You never know.

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