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May 9, 2008

Chad Campbell


Q. How do you take one of the hardest days of the year and then fashion a score like that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: (Laughing) I don't know. You know, I played pretty well all day. It was obviously tough out there. Those last few holes get really exposed to the wind. I hit a lot of bad tee shots coming down the stretch. Even when you look back on it, even par is not really that bad a round. But the way I got there wasn't really what I was looking for.

Q. How much tougher was it than yesterday? You played in the worst of it yesterday, too.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Similar. I think it was definitely a little bit -- 17 was brutal. You'd think it's helping, but it's not.

Q. So it's the indecision on the tee?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's left to right and it's a quarter back and forth with you and against you. You've just got to time your shot and trust it, which is the hardest part.

Q. Some of the guys are calling it unfair when the wind is blowing like this, that the course is unfair.
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, I didn't -- it could be close. This afternoon there's no telling. You know, right now it's just playing really tough. If you hit a good shot on 17, it'll hold the green. You've got to hit a good tee shot, keep it in the fairway on 18. When you're back in the trees you don't feel it quite as much, and the putting is not as difficult. But when you get out there on 17, putting is hard and obviously the shot is hard.

Q. Any other holes other than 17 and 18 really getting to you with the wind?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know what, 13 is tough. You play 11 into a little bit of wind, then you play 12 helping a little bit off the left, and then you get to 13, and it was obviously right to left, but me and Brandt both hit shots and carried the ball, which was interesting. It shouldn't have been helping. You know, it's just rolling out there, and it's tough to judge.

Q. So it is worse than yesterday?

Q. How much?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's hard to say, really. I mean, our front nine was pretty similar to yesterday. But I think the back nine definitely played a little bit tougher.

Q. Is it the indecision that sticks in your mind?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think that's it more than anything. You've got to really work hard to be committed on what shots you're going to hit and trust that the wind is going to do what it's supposed to. If it doesn't, just commit to your shot and hit it, and wherever it ends up, find it and hit it again.

Q. Did you tell yourself that out there?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I tried. It's hard to do it on 17, though. I had 8-iron out, and I was kind of just trying to chip it in there and felt like I had too much club. Andres in front of me hit wedge, which was kind of a pretty big difference in clubs right there.

Q. As you said, early in the round you were playing really, really well. Is that probably your best ball-striking of the year, considering the wind and everything?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. You know, I've had good weeks. I started off the year really well, hit the ball really well earlier in the year, hit it really well in Houston. You know, with the wind, I felt really comfortable out there. I didn't play very well yesterday and spent a little time on the range and got some things figured out.
I feel good about it. Hopefully I can start driving it a little bit better, those holes I hit some pretty poor tee shots.

Q. But it's got to tell you that your game is in pretty good shape to be able to battle it. Not the way you wanted even par, but --
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I mean, it's difficult. You've got to be hitting the ball solid or the wind is just going to take it all over the place. Fortunately I was hitting my irons really well. Hopefully I can get the driver figured out for tomorrow.

Q. Is 17 unfair? When the wind blows like this -- there's a lot of guys that come in here and say -- like Ernie said yesterday, you work this hard for 16 holes and then you can throw it all away in one swing.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I know there's a lot of people that don't like the hole. I like the hole. I think it's a good hole. We had 144 yards today. You would think you would be able to hit the green. You know, if it was surrounded by sand there would be a lot more people hitting the green. It's tougher, and like I said, I keep saying it, but you've got to commit to the shot you're going to hit, and it's tough to do.

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