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May 4, 2008

Jason Bohn


Q. Your best finish of the season. Would it be fair to say you were having fun out there?
JASON BOHN: Yeah, I had a lot of fun today. I stayed extremely patient, and that was what I was trying to do. I didn't get the ball very close to the hole very many times, so I didn't have a lot of great opportunities for birdie. I only made one, but I didn't make a bogey, so any time you can play a Sunday on this golf course without a bogey, you know, I think I managed my game pretty well.

Q. From how early on in the round did you realize that you were in a tussle just for second place?
JASON BOHN: You know what, I had no idea, to be 100 percent honest. I looked on 17 tee, I looked over, and I said, "He's 18-under par? Holy cow." I really had to ask, "Is that right? Is he 18 or am I reading that wrong?" But I mean, take your hat off; that's outstanding golf right there.

Q. I thought I saw you look over and shrug towards Stewart there as if you just couldn't believe it. You really hadn't been following?
JASON BOHN: I really wasn't, I wasn't paying any attention, and I knew that I kind of felt like I wasn't in the golf tournament to win it, so I just said I've got to keep grinding and trying to make birdies or just salvage my pars and keep going and finish as high as I could, and I did that. But 3 is good for me; I'm not complaining.

Q. It must give you a lot of confidence going into THE PLAYERS next week.
JASON BOHN: Yeah, it really does, yeah. I'm striking the ball well, I'm putting well, I'm hitting my lines. I've been getting used to the speed a little bit. I'll be in great shape, I think.

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