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May 4, 2008

Ben Curtis


Q. What a round.
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I mean, I got off to the best start you could imagine. The putts on the fist three, four holes, it was like two tap-ins and a three-footer and a ten-footer. It was a great start.
I had a bad drive on 7 but made up for it quickly on 8 with a great putt. Yeah, just kept it going. Any time I made a bogey, I didn't spoil it, just kept going.

Q. You're a scoreboard watcher. I saw you watching scoreboards. At what point did you say I'm playing for second place?
BEN CURTIS: Well, I mean --

Q. I saw you look at the one at 15, and you just laughed when you looked at the scoreboard.
BEN CURTIS: I was just laughing at my putt because I hit about a foot behind it. Yeah, I mean, just watching it, just seeing how aggressive I could get coming in, and I obviously didn't want to get too aggressive but also wanted to keep it going and post a good number.
But it's a tough finish out there, and those three holes are as tough as you're going to play all year.

Q. And you got through it with pars; nice work.
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I got lucky on 18. I should have went over and kissed the rock. I made a great putt there.

Q. What does this do for you mindset-wise headed into THE PLAYERS? The set-ups of tough courses, that's why people come here. Do you go into THE PLAYERS with a lot of confidence now?
BEN CURTIS: Oh, definitely. I mean, I've been playing well this year, just have one bad round that kills me and puts me out of the tournament. But this week put four pretty good rounds together. I actually feel like I played better than I scored. I got off to a good start today, and I just wanted to keep riding that wave and hopefully keep it going next week.

Q. Have you played with Anthony before?
BEN CURTIS: I played with him on Tuesday, a practice round, but other than that, no.

Q. You put the jinx on him; you should have broken his leg when you had the chance.
BEN CURTIS: He's a great player, and he's striking it good. He's got a lot of potential.

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