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May 3, 2008

Jason Bohn


STEWART MOORE: We'd like to welcome Jason Bohn to the interview room here at the Wachovia Championship after a third round 72. You're going to go to bed tonight tied for second, but really that chip-in par on 18 certainly must make dinner taste a little better, as the saying goes.
JASON BOHN: Absolutely, and it's going to be a fat steak (laughter). Yeah, it was awesome to chip in on the last hole. You know, I kind of -- I didn't play as well as I wanted to today, and I played with somebody who played extraordinarily good, almost Tiger-esque, so he hit a lot of great shots. So it was fun, I got to watch good golf anyhow.
STEWART MOORE: Take us through the front nine, kind of a little Jekyll and Hyde, bogey, birdie, bogey, birdie. Was it tough getting settled out there early on?
JASON BOHN: It was for me a little bit, to be honest. It took me a little bit of time to get settled. I missed a short little birdie putt on 1, kind of flustered, hit a poor shot on 2, and then I just made -- I chipped in again on 3, so -- and then made another poor swing on 4 and ended up with bogey. You know, so it did. But after that, after about the 4th hole I played very solid with the exception of one bogey on the back nine. I hit a lot of good shots, but I was a little bit tentative with my putter, and I had been kind of bragging about putting. Maybe I've learned my lesson as to what to say in here.
No, but I felt very confident, I just misjudged the speed a little bit today with my putter, and I think that's why I shot level par. But I had a couple of great chip-ins that saved my round.

Q. Do you recall whether you've ever played in a final group on Sunday?
JASON BOHN: I have played in the final group one time, but I've never played in the second-to-last group, so you never know.

Q. You were talking about seeing Anthony playing, you said Tiger-esque. Everything impressed you I take it?
JASON BOHN: He has a great demeanor. He's extremely focused. He's a great gentleman to play with, very similar to Tiger in that kind of sense. But what I noticed about him was when he missed a shot, he recovered extremely well. You know, he made a couple of great par putts, you know, like six-, eight-, ten-foot par putts exactly like what you see Tiger Woods do. That's kind of why I said that, in the sense that -- I think it's a compliment to him to be compared to Tiger for sure, but it kind of had that feeling, that if he missed a shot, he was going to recover very well and he was going to salvage all his -- I think he played bogey-free golf, which was pretty impressive on that track this afternoon.

Q. Had you played with him before?
JASON BOHN: I played actually last year here a practice round with him, and I think he took my money then, too, so that's two times.

Q. Do you think today all the spotlight on the weekend, do you think that will help you tomorrow? You won't be in the last group, but it'll be similar pressure and all that.
JASON BOHN: Yeah, maybe. Maybe it won't take me as much to get settled down, I hope, at the start. I hope I'm not as anxious. I was just extremely anxious to get out there and kind of do my thing today. Anxious, nervous, kind of all the same gig for me. I wanted to kind of get settled into my round, and I hope to do that a little quicker tomorrow, and I think if I can get off to a good start, that will really help me.

Q. What do you see happening down the stretch? You've had some wild endings here and you've got those last three holes; seems like anything from birdie to double comes into play. And you've also got a 22-year-old guy leading who's never been in this position before. Despite how good he is, he's got to do it for the first time.
JASON BOHN: If he plays like today, we're not going to be able to catch him, absolutely. But you're exactly right. The finish on this golf course is phenomenal because anything can happen. I mean, you could finish easily double-double-double and lose a six-shot lead with three holes. It's out there. It's a great test, and it's going to be a great test for anybody coming down the stretch tomorrow because you've got to kind of -- you've got to suck it up, pull your nerves together and execute the shots. That's what makes this golf course so great, and it's great that it's at the end, too, which adds a lot of excitement for the fans.

Q. Are you proud of yourself the way you kind of hung in there and kept it from getting away today?
JASON BOHN: I'm proud of myself the way I hung in there early, absolutely, I really am. To bounce back, that says a lot about me, that I didn't get frustrated with myself. I got settled in the middle of the round, I stayed pretty patient, but you know, I've got some things to work on. All in all, I didn't play my best, but the chip-in on the last, that will make me smile tonight for sure.

Q. What did you hit? Just detail the chip-in a little bit.
JASON BOHN: I used a 60-degree wedge and I was just trying to bounce it into the hill and skip it up there, and it just -- I got a good bounce, it landed perfect, and kind of rattled around in the hole. It was exciting for me because I didn't make any putts all day, so that was kind of exciting. It was like a birdie for me, so I'll take it.
STEWART MOORE: It's kind of hard to tell on TV, your shot from the fairway bunker on 18, did it catch the lip or were you laying up?
JASON BOHN: No, I had no chance. I hit a great shot to advance the ball about 100 yards, which I was trying to do. Yeah, my ball was kind of on the upslope of the lip, and me, I couldn't hit it 180 yards off of that lie, no way.

Q. How about at 15, did your ball hit the lip there on the second shot?
JASON BOHN: No, it didn't, but once again, there, kind of bad position off the tee. I really didn't have much to play with. I could have taken more of a gamble there, but then I was going to bring that water into play, and I just didn't feel like that was necessary. I felt like if I could just make a 5 there and keep it going, that was good. But I ended up making a bogey.
It's all right, I played intelligently for me, and that's what I'm most proud about. I didn't try to do anything that's not within my game.
STEWART MOORE: Jason, thanks so much. Good luck tomorrow.

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