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May 3, 2008

Pat Perez


Q. How about that front nine, birdies 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7?
PAT PEREZ: Yeah, it was good. I've been playing like that for weeks. I finally made a couple putts. It's out there. There was a little wind. The pins, except for a couple like 8 was ridiculous, but the rest of them were pretty accessible. You can make some birdies out there.

Q. What happened on 5?
PAT PEREZ: I never hit the fairway on that hole. If you can't hit the fairway, you can't make par.

Q. Talk about the eagle on 15, holing out from 81 yards.
PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I hit a lot of wedges. I've got some new wedges and I'm trying to work them in. I've hit a lot of 80-, 100-yard shots, and I've had them this week. I knew it was going to be good. It's such a funnel area where that pin is, and I thought, you know, I know I can get it to within six, eight feet. It hit perfect, and I thought it was going to spin and I assumed there was going to be a little bit of a roar, but I didn't expect it to go in. I'll take it.

Q. You went from thinking you missed the cut so now being tied for third. How good is this new cut rule for you now?
PAT PEREZ: Well, this is exactly what I told - I'm staying with my buddy Ron, who I used to live next to, we sat down last night and I was still mad because I hit my ball yesterday on the last hole to 400 from two and a half feet, so I thought, aw, here we go, and I came in and beat the hell out of the trash can.

Q. Did you apologize?
PAT PEREZ: No. I kicked it again because I made two more bogeys. I told him, look, I promise you you're going to find at least three or four guys that come out and shoot 67-66 and get right back in the tournament. It's going to blow in the afternoon and the guys are going to be right back in the tournament, and I just happen to be one of them. That's how it goes.
That cut rule was ridiculous, stupid, because we're ten back. Tiger has won from 12 back, 15 back. It happens. Crane shot 127 on the weekend and won in Atlanta. It does happen. That's the thing, you get lucky, you get out there early, you get out at 7:00 o'clock, you get some sleep, you've got no wind. Greens are perfect and you can take advantage of it, and I just happened to.

Q. What's the plan for the rest of the day because you're going to have a long time until you tee off again. What are you going to do?
PAT PEREZ: I don't know, I'm going to try to forget those two bogeys. I'm still hot about that. I'm going to work out with Joey, so I'll get that out in no time.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAT PEREZ: Guys have been bitching about it at year, like in Hawai'i. I think when Daly missed the cut he was seven or eight back. Seven or eight back is nothing; that could be nine holes. You know, I think it was a stupid rule, and I'm glad they changed it back.
I was telling my buddy Ron last night, you're going to have some guys come out early in the morning and they're going to shoot 6-, 7-under and they're going to be right back in the tournament. If it's windy out there it'll be hard to shoot 3- or 4-under. The greens are like concrete, and it's not getting any easier.

Q. There are a lot of ways to shoot 65. When you walk off the golf course shooting 65 the way you did with bogey-bogey at the end, what's your thought process?
PAT PEREZ: It's just, you know -- they're hard holes. The 17th hole is basically like a par-4. But 18 is not; you hit 3-wood down there, you hit your 8-iron in. You know, it sucks, but I did a lot good, so I'm happy overall.

Q. Those first 16 holes, about as well as you can play?
PAT PEREZ: Pretty much, yeah. I mean, pretty much. I really can't say that I could have done any better. I hit it good, I putted great, and great 16 holes, and then 17 and 18, they're just hard holes. Those are three of the hardest finishing holes we play all year. It's right up there with TPC.

Q. You had to play a guessing game with the way the winds were swirling around. Where do you think 6-under will be at the end of the day?
PAT PEREZ: I think it'll be Top 10. I think everybody --

Q. So you think someone is going to get --
PAT PEREZ: I know guys who were 9-under for the first two days. Bohn came out and shot 67 in the afternoon. He said, I could have shot 67 and cheated, he said, I couldn't believe it. I've got to keep going out there. Everyone has got talent, Kim and Jay, and they're not so far back. You're going to have some good scores. They're accessible pins, they've got some of the tees up. You're going to get your low rounds. I'd be happy to go into tomorrow in the Top 10.

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