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April 27, 2008

Ryan Moore


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Ryan Moore into the interview room. I know that was a tough finish for you there with Adam making that long putt. Can we just get some thoughts on your day?
RYAN MOORE: You know, I'm just a little frustrated I didn't make mine. That's really all there is to it. You expect a guy like that to make a putt in that type of situation, and I was sitting there expecting it. That didn't surprise me at all. Obviously I hit my putt right where I hit it probably ten times in a row and thought it would have gone in. For me it's more frustrating that I didn't make my putt.

Q. Can you talk about how you got your -- especially toward the end there when you made two birdies down the stretch there to get to where you got.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I always look forward to the last few holes. Just being in a position to actually do something the last few holes was a nice position to be in. I hit a great chip there on 16 to have a nice little tap-in and then just probably hit my best shot of the day on 17 to about 10 to 12 feet and snuck that putt in there. Unfortunately I had no luck on 18, I was 0 for 3, so that's probably what got me.

Q. You come out here, you get out here and you get the hand and then you get the shoulder. What are we, about three years into it now?
RYAN MOORE: This is my fourth season, about three and a half years.

Q. Can you assess where you are at this point? Did you figure you'd be further along? Did the injuries set you back?
RYAN MOORE: You know, it's one of those things where I am where I am and I'm happy with it. I'm just trying to keep moving forward. Obviously some injuries and whatnot have held me back, and it's been a little frustrating at times, but at the same time, you know, maybe that's given me the time I need to work on things I need to work on to win more tournaments in the long run.
You know, that's kind of how I like to view things. I'm where I am right now, and I'm happy about it. I just went head-to-head against one of the best players in the world, and he had to make a 45-footer to beat me. That's a good place to be.

Q. What was it like for you sitting in the scorer's trailer? You birdie 17, you par 18, you've got a window out to the green. Can you talk about what your emotions were? You were drinking water obviously trying to stay calm, I imagine?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I really wasn't too worried about anything. I figured 18 was playing about as easy as it could today. With the wind direction, it wasn't a tough tee shot, and someone like him who hits it so far, he's going to be hitting sand wedge or lob wedge. I figured he was going to stick it in there and make a birdie, and he did.
I was just getting ready, mentally prepared, and ready for the playoff. I wasn't thinking about a whole lot, just thinking about that 18th tee shot again getting ready for it.

Q. Did you see how close his shot came on the playoff hole on 17 to the water?
RYAN MOORE: I mean, from my vantage point I couldn't really tell, so no, I didn't.

Q. Were you surprised he took that kind of an angle?
RYAN MOORE: No, that's exactly where I took it earlier today. That's exactly what I was trying to do, and I unfortunately just pulled it and the wind got a hold of it. You know, it's a playoff. You've got to step up and hit good shots and try and make birdies. Unfortunately I didn't.

Q. On your final approach, what were you hitting there, and what was the yardage?
RYAN MOORE: I was 127, and that was a sand wedge.

Q. The conditions were pretty tough this morning and everyone seemed to be moving backward. How were you able to stay aggressive throughout your entire round?
RYAN MOORE: I love days like today. It's kind of one of those days, it's like the last man standing, really. Unfortunately there was two of us standing at the end instead of just one. You've just got to be patient. You know that everyone is going to struggle, you know that everybody is going to make bogeys when it's cold and windy. It was a complete opposite direction wind than we had faced any day. So just adjusting to that, it was just -- for me it was just trying to stay patient.
Unfortunately I stumbled and made a couple bogeys, I think it was on 13 and 14 I bogeyed, a couple poor sand shots there. But then to bounce back and birdie 16 and 17, you know, I couldn't be happier and I couldn't be happier -- obviously I could be happier sitting in front of you right now, but overall, after taking five weeks off, missing the cut last week -- although I gained a lot of confidence after missing the cut last week. My game felt really good, and I was just looking forward to this week, and after this week I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Q. Did you guys overlap at all at UNLV?
RYAN MOORE: No, I think he would have been a senior when I was a freshman if he had stayed for the four years, but he didn't.

Q. Does this feel any different than Travelers or Memorial or your other runner-up finishes? Can you view this in a different way, or is it just a loss?
RYAN MOORE: Well, a loss is a loss, but I tied for first at the end of the day. That's better than I've ever done. You know, I was just proud of myself for battling around on a tough day in tough conditions. You know, I'd say this is -- obviously this is a new experience, a playoff and being in that position. Now I know what to expect in the future.

Q. Are you playing next week?
JOHN BUSH: Ryan, thank you. Great playing this week.

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