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April 26, 2008

Ryan Moore


Q. Ryan, anyone that can mark up a birdie at the 15th and the 18th is one heck of a good player. Good job.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, those aren't the holes you really expect to make birdie on, but fortunately I hit a great shot into 15, had an 8-iron in there, just hit it really nice and firm, one of the best shots of the day. Then on 18 just finally got it close to the hole, which I was struggling with all day.

Q. How cool was it to play the 18th with an amphitheater, a lot of gallery, and you make big putt to end the day?
RYAN MOORE: Absolutely. That was a great crowd out there today. Always nice to finish with a birdie.

Q. You're six for six out of bunkers this week.
RYAN MOORE: Really? That's not like me, but I'll take it. I must be doing something right, so I'd better keep it up.

Q. When I watched you earlier in the week you missed greens but you missed them on the correct side, were aggressive with your chips and had a lot of one-putt pars.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, it was a lot of the same today. I think actually my ball-striking was a little bit better today. I had looks at birdie all day long and had 15-footers and kept burning the edge, just keeping my patience out there to hopefully close out solid, and fortunately I did.

Q. 5-under par for the tournament, in touch with the leaders. Talk about your thoughts going into Sunday.
RYAN MOORE: Just more of the same, really. I feel pretty good. I feel like I'm striking the ball well, putting it all together and can put together a good score.

Q. What kept you out? Was the shoulder kind of off?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, just a little bit of irritation, I guess.

Q. You've only played -- well, this is your second time back on TOUR basically in ten weeks. Are you feeling okay, because it looks that way.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, actually. Well, last week was probably the first week I had played in a couple years where I had no pain at all, which was an amazing feeling. I was just kind of getting the rust off last week, and I have a lot of confidence, actually, just barely missed the cut there. I felt good going into this week, and my body is still feeling good, and I'm just enjoying playing a little more again.

Q. Can you think about winning?
RYAN MOORE: Why not? That's the way I started the week with a plan on doing, and my goal is just to be within striking distance on Sunday. Obviously that's the goal. I have great players around me and ahead of me, and I know it's going to take a great round of golf. But they're out there.

Q. We're supposed to get a lot of rain overnight, and that's why we're playing threesomes and the rain is supposed to finish up in the morning. What will this course be like? How much will it change the way this course is playing if it gets a good soaking?
RYAN MOORE: It'll be different, definitely. The ball has been rolling great in the fairways, so it's hard to say how it's going to drain. But it'll be a lot different shots here. Holes we've been hitting 9-irons and wedges into I'm sure we'll hit 6s and 7s into if we get that much rain. But it rained pretty hard a few nights ago, and it recovered great, and they were still rolling the next day. So we'll see.

Q. Good way to finish.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, always nice to finish with a birdie on the last hole. It's a great golf hole, just a good tough tee shot, and you have to really control your second shot, which I got away with not controlling it in there and fortunately made a good putt there.

Q. Does that give you any kind of momentum going into tomorrow at all, finishing like that?
RYAN MOORE: Absolutely. It's always nice finishing with a birdie going into that next day, just a little momentum and heading in the right direction. That's my goal at the beginning of the day every day is to finish my round with a birdie, and fortunately I did it today.

Q. What do you need to do to win tomorrow?
RYAN MOORE: Just keep playing exactly how I am right now, just get a few more of those putts to go. I struck the ball really nicely today and I had a bunch of really good looks, and I was just burning the edge all day. You've got to get out there and make a few early and get some momentum going the right way.

Q. Can you clear your mind tonight or are you thinking about tomorrow already?
RYAN MOORE: I'm pretty tired, so I'll probably go have some dinner. I don't think it'll be too much of a problem sleeping tonight.

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