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April 26, 2008

Charley Hoffman


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Charley Hoffman, thanks for joining us after the third round of the EDS Byron Nelson Championship, third consecutive round in the 60s. You obviously like the golf course, and just 22 putts today, so you seem to be figuring out the greens. Maybe some opening comments about your day and your week so far.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 22 putts because I didn't hit very many greens is the problem (laughter). I chipped it close and was able to get up-and-down a bunch, so that's the reason why the putts were so low.
Week has been good. I got in here Sunday afternoon and went around the golf course, nine holes on Sunday, and just knew I needed to put some time in on the golf course because it was new, and it looks like it's paying off.

Q. How nice to birdie 18 coming in?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No matter what hole it is, a birdie on 18 is always good, more or less the hole that it is now, a tough par-4, and usually just trying to make par. I got lucky to sort of hit a chip-and-run in there with a hybrid from just off the green. Anytime you're closing with a birdie it's always a bonus.

Q. How much are you learning about the course each day? I mean, is it a dramatic improvement each day?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I thought I knew what I needed to know by Thursday when we teed off. That's why I got out here early, did a lot of chipping and putting, saw that the greens were going to be firm, saw it was going to be hard to hit a lot of greens. So I haven't learned a ton since the tournament started besides little nuances. I pretty much felt I was prepared going into the week.

Q. You missed greens, Sergio missed fairways.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I missed fairways, too.

Q. But he only hit two. I don't know how many you hit.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I don't know, either, but I'll bet you it's not much higher than that.

Q. So obviously this is a course where you can recover. I mean, the rough --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, there's a lot of little run-outs. If you run it out in the bunker on 18, it's not a bad spot. There's some areas you can run it out where you can try to be a little more aggressive and get away with it for it to pay off, so you don't have to lay back. It gives you room to lay back if you want to in the fairways, or you can try to be aggressive. With the pins the way they were today, I decided to be aggressive, and I guess it paid off.

Q. With three rounds in the 60s, how do you feel about going into tomorrow? Are you going to do anything different or are you going to stay with what you know for this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I'm going to try not to make bogeys early in the round like I have been. I'm going to try to get off to a good start instead of a slow start and then have a good finish, too.

Q. Do you feel good knowing that -- it sounds to me like you're not overjoyed with how you've been striking the ball, yet look where you are. Does that give you confidence going into tomorrow?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, one, I didn't hit an iron shot until Wednesday. I messed my shoulder up in an off week, so I didn't hit a ball until Thursday besides a few wedges. I just chipped and putted a ton. I guess that paid off, too, because I missed a bunch of greens.
But I'm striking it all right. It's going sort of where I'm aiming, and that's the most important thing is getting up-and-down when you miss the greens.

Q. What did you do to your shoulder?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Actually I was working out doing push-ups with my trainer in Las Vegas, and it's just been lingering, and it's getting better every day.

Q. Did you come here Sunday knowing you couldn't hit any shots for a few days?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It actually got -- Sunday I recovered all right and then actually traveling reaggravated it, lifting bags, airplane and all that sort of stuff. So no, not really did I come here Sunday knowing I wasn't going to be able to practice and play.

Q. Are you spending any time in the trailers?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Every day. I'll be over in the trailer right after this. They've been doing a great job, Jeff out there. Who knows if I would have been able to start without those guys out there.

Q. Are they stretching you, doing different things?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Just massaging it, getting the muscle loose and ready to play and then icing it afterwards, and they've done a great job. It feels like it's almost completely healed.

Q. What do you think of the 17th hole, and was that extra loud today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think it's fun. I think anytime you get a gallery out there, I mean, that's why we're here, for people to cheer. People can hopefully watch good golf shots, even though that hole is very hard to hit a good golf shot on. I enjoy like the FBR sort of atmosphere there. The reason why we're out here is to entertain people.

Q. Did you say what shoulder it was?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Right shoulder.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Charley, thank you.

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