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April 26, 2008

Bart Bryant


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Bart Bryant, thanks for joining us, playing in your seventh EDS Byron Nelson Championship this week. So far had rounds of 66 yesterday and 67 today, so looks like you're figuring out the course and playing some good golf.
BART BRYANT: Yeah, I feel pretty good about my game for the most part. I played really well coming into today, even though I think I made a couple birdies on 12 and 13 or 13 and 14, right in there. But I actually gave myself a couple other chances. So I'm encouraged about the way I played at the end of the round going into tomorrow.
I wasn't all that encouraged about how I started off today, although I made some great up-and-downs early in the round to kind of keep me in it.
Kevin was playing flawless golf, and I was trying to feed off him, hang in there with him. He probably could have ran away with this thing today if he would have had a hot putter because he was playing strong. He's playing awfully well. I expect him to be a tough guy to beat tomorrow if he can turn it around and get it going after that finish that he had.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Looks like Adam Scott will have a lead of some sort going into the final round, but probably not more than two or three strokes, so looks like there's still a lot of people in contention, including yourself. Some thoughts about tomorrow.
BART BRYANT: I didn't really see a scoreboard, but last I saw Adam was 6-under, maybe 7. It really depends on Adam. Obviously he's a world-class player, and he has the potential to go out and kind of run away with it if he's at 7 or 8 today. He can go out and shoot 5- or 6-under tomorrow. He's that type of player.
But if he doesn't, I think there are a lot of guys that are in the mix, anybody from 2-, 3-under could go low. I don't think anybody has really had that really low round on this golf course yet, and I think there is one out there. I don't know what the weather is going to do tomorrow, but I think if the weather is tomorrow like it was today, I think somebody could actually go low. It just hasn't really happened yet. I think guys are still getting used to the golf course.
It sounds weird, but I think there is a 62 or 63 or 64 out there for anybody. The right things would have to happen, but I think it is possible.

Q. Did you feel like Kevin was -- until the last couple of holes did you think it might have happened for him today, watching him go along?
BART BRYANT: Yeah, I mean, that's even why I kind of brought it up. Mark, my caddie, and I were talking, through -- gosh, like on the 14th hole, I said, this is a clinic. This is unbelievable, how well this guy is hitting the golf ball. He didn't miss a golf shot. He missed a few putts he probably could have made. But then he made a couple bogeys coming in and didn't birdie 16. But like I said, through the first 14 holes it was as good as I've ever seen.

Q. You talked about tomorrow. With rain coming, would you expect -- does that enhance the chances of having that low round you talked about, if you guys get some rain overnight?
BART BRYANT: Yeah, honestly it probably would if the greens get softer. Then guys have a chance to go lower.
Personally, I want it to play like it does now because the ball is rolling in the fairway, and obviously being a short hitter that helps bridge the gap for me. If the fairways get extremely soft, it makes them a little wider, the course plays a little longer. I'd rather not see that happen. But if it does, we'll deal with it. But yeah, if it rains, the scores will be lower.

Q. You mentioned your caddie Mark. What's his last name, and have there been any comments this week about the Cadillac?
BART BRYANT: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Shoot, there have been comments for like a month, you know (laughter)? Actually my manager is caddying for me right now, and I give my best wishes to my regular caddie, Mr. Clean. He's fixing to have back surgery and he's going to be out for the whole year. I hate that for him. He's in a lot of pain right now.
So I have my good friend and manager Mark Johnston who's out caddying for me. He's doing a great job. He's caddied for me, well, since the Florida Swing he's been with me. We've just kind of had a good run and we're riding it out as long as it'll go, as long as he can put up with me. I think we're going to try to do a few more, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Was there a particular turning point in your round today that got things kick-started?
BART BRYANT: No, not really. I mean, I just kind of hung in there on the front nine and I was 2-under, which was about as good as I could have done. I didn't hit the ball great. Then bogeyed 10, then birdied 13 and 14. At that point, if anything kick-started me, I think that had the potential to really kick-start something because I hit it close on 15, I had 16 in front of me, I had a wedge on 18, so there was a potential for a kick-start, but it didn't really happen.

Q. Of the three days, was today the most scorable?
BART BRYANT: I think it was just because the wind wasn't blowing like it had been, definitely.

Q. Talk about the finishing hole and what it might be like, the difference from past years, tomorrow. Is that going to be more dramatic than in past years?
BART BRYANT: It has the potential for being very dramatic because it's tough to fit that ball in the fairway up there. You have to -- like today the wind is a little left to right and you have to almost start it at the edge of the water to keep it in the fairway. It's easy to blow it right out in the rough or in the trees. I'm sure that pin is going to be back left tomorrow, so if you're not in the fairway you're not going to spin it very good, depending on what the greens are, again. But it has the potential for being a very dramatic finishing hole, yes.
JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Thank you very much.

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