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April 26, 2008

Dudley Hart


Q. Dudley, great finish today on 18 obviously. How would you assess your day?
DUDLEY HART: Yeah, I hit a few good spots. I rolled it in a greenside bunker on one hole, so I actually kind of felt like I drove it okay. I hit one or two bad drives but just kind of ground it out. A couple holes where I hit it in bad spots, I got it up-and-down, made some good par putts. You know, I made an eagle on 7, which was nice, obviously helped my cause a little bit. But it wasn't -- it was a very uneventful day, but I'll take it.

Q. How do you think the course is playing today in these conditions?
DUDLEY HART: You know, it's a different wind. We've seen a different wind every day. Granted, it's not blowing as hard today, but it seemed like it was moving around a little bit so you could get fooled. You really don't have a lot of room for error on some of these greens. You're trying to hit them onto shelves and little areas. Picking the right club seemed to be a little tricky for me today.

Q. Do you feel like you've got a better feel for these greens after two days?
DUDLEY HART: Yeah, a little bit. It's hard to get used to. Sometimes the ball doesn't roll out like I think it will, for me at least, on some of the putts that looked pretty severe that are running downhill. You know, I made a few today, so hopefully -- each day I've been kind of rolling it a little bit better. Hopefully that continues.

Q. What are your thoughts about tomorrow because you're in a good position on the leaderboard, looking tomorrow at the rain we're expected to get?
DUDLEY HART: Well, I didn't know it was going to rain. But it's the same for everybody, so whatever the weather is, it is, and you just have to go out and try to do the best you can.
You've got to try to be aggressive when you can. You've got to pick your spots on this golf course. Certain times you try to hit it, when you're not really comfortable with a certain shot, you have to recognize that and hit it 20 maybe, maybe try to make a 20-footer, and take your shots when you can.

Q. How has the redesign of this course changed your setup?
DUDLEY HART: You know, the routing the is the same obviously, but the greens are drastically different. It changes your -- the greens being as firm as they are, too, because they're new, it usually takes a couple years for the greens to really mature when they build them. But it makes going at certain pins a little bit tougher.

Q. (Inaudible.)
DUDLEY HART: A little bit, yeah. There's more people today, and I'm sure they're having some cocktails, and you hear your normal ribbing every now and then when you hit a bad shot.

Q. When is the last time you played in a tournament -- this particular tournament we have one Top 10 player in the field. Is there a particular mentality when you're playing in that type of field?
DUDLEY HART: Makes no difference to a player, to be honest with you. Just because Tiger is not in a tournament, I'm not going to not play in it. I'm going to show up and play, and whoever is there, there's a lot of great players. Even though not necessarily the Top 10 are here, not many of the Top 10, that doesn't change a player's mentality going to the tournament. You've still got to work, you've still got to try to get yourself ready and play the best you can.

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