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April 25, 2008

Roland Thatcher


Q. Tough to end with a bogey. You're in it, but do you look it as a lost opportunity a little bit?
ROLAND THATCHER: Yeah, a bogeyed 17, as well. I got it to 5-under and worked real hard to get there, so it was real frustrating dropping those two shots on the last two holes. But overall a pretty successful day, got myself in the tournament, and we'll see how it works over the weekend.

Q. You had six up-and-downs to save par?
ROLAND THATCHER: Stats lie a little bit. I had plenty of putts from the fringe and stuff like that. But I was able to save par a couple times when I was out of position on a hole, and those are the kind of things that keep a round going.

Q. Talk about how the wind changed from the beginning to the end of the round.
ROLAND THATCHER: The wind switched from the time I was warming up on the range from southwest all the way to northwest by the end of the day, so it was a constant reminder to always check to find out where you're going and where the wind is switching around to. So that was something we have to deal with but something everybody on the course had to deal with, too.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the weekend?
ROLAND THATCHER: Definitely looking forward to the weekend. I missed the last couple cuts heading into here, so any kind of weekend time is good. Getting a chance to play here and finish in the afternoon tomorrow is going to be fun.

Q. Talk about last year and the experience winning and what that means going into tomorrow.
ROLAND THATCHER: There's no substitute for experience. You can be technically sound in all parts of the golf game, but until you go out there and you close out a few tournaments and you put yourself in that situation, you really don't know how you're going to react. I'll take the success from last year and take it into the weekend. We'll see how it works out.

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