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April 25, 2008

Parker McLachlin


Q. Parker, nice round. That was a lot of great up-and-downs. I think there were five out of six there on the front nine or six out of seven. Way to go.
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, thanks. The wind did a complete 180 on us, so just getting used to the different clubs we're hitting in. I hit a bunch of shots where I was like, wow, looks pretty good, and then it would go over the green or come up short. I did a good job of missing it in the right spots, and my short game was pretty solid.

Q. You've got to have a good short game out here. Nice finish, Top 10, at the Sony. How is it in your sophomore season, a little easier?
PARKER McLACHLIN: Yeah, everything is not quite as new and I'm not sort of feeling bombarded and feeling like, whoa, overload on the stimulus. But I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in my skin, and knowing these golf courses helps a lot, knowing the cities.
Just like we were talking about, knowing where to miss it. Last year I wouldn't have know where to miss it, now I know where to miss it. That helps, you know, a couple shots a round, definitely.

Q. The wind sort of switched this afternoon, so everyone kind of said they feel like they're playing a different course. How do you feel about that?
PARKER McLACHLIN: I played almost the entire back nine -- I think it switched on us on No. 5, so I played five or six holes in it. It was weird. You're hitting different clubs into holes, hitting a wedge into No. 8 when yesterday I hit 6-iron. So it's going to be interesting. Some of the crosswind holes are different crosswinds now. So there should be some -- guys are going to have to make adjustments this afternoon.

Q. What went right for you out there today?
PARKER McLACHLIN: You know, the front nine I hit the ball pretty well, and same wind as yesterday. I was comfortable.
And then on the back nine, the wind switched and I was hitting some good shots. It just seemed like it was going a little too far, a little short, and I couldn't quite get the right distance. I did a great job of making up-and-downs, probably six up-and-downs on the back nine. My short game was working for me on the back nine.

Q. 15 out here is a very tough hole. Take us through why that hole is so hard.
PARKER McLACHLIN: It might be easier now. It was blowing into us off the left this morning, and I hit driver, 3-wood, and it was about pin high, then I got it up-and-down. You know, it's 500 yards and it's playing pretty much into the wind out of the left. It's a beast of a hole, and you've got to put your tee shot in the fairway. It should be a par-5. I feel like I made a birdie making 4.

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