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April 25, 2008

R.W. Eaks

Bob Gilder


DAVE SENKO: R.W. and Bob, thank you for joining us. Before we get started, maybe some thoughts on your round. Looks like the only blemish was 13 but 11 birdies and one bogey on 13. Maybe if you just take us through real quick what -- who made the birdies.
R.W. EAKS: Bob made birdie, birdie, birdie, it was unbelievable watching him play. I just drove the cart and cheered him on, that's about all I did.
BOB GILDER: Not really, although I did get off to a pretty good start. But the mini let up he took over. So -- I ended up birdieing the first four holes. I had a good feeling with the putter starting off, and then the 5th hole he makes a great putt and hangs in there on the next hole for us, and -- it's hard to say that one person or -- does the majority of the work. Because if one person knocks it in close the other guy that's farther away gets the first crack, there's no pressure, boom, he's free wheeling.
It's so fun to be able to -- be able to have a go at it on every hole it seems. You can feel a lot less pressure at times. Obviously then if your partner -- if I left him hanging on one hole, like I did a couple of times and -- then there's some pressure. Then it feels like you're not only letting yourself down, you've let him down, too. But that's the fun of this format. It's really a blast, and I think we even got to watch Jerry and Andy, they were Mutt and Jeffing it all day long. If one didn't make it the next one did. And it was from one hole to the next. And that's pretty much what we did, too, other than our start. And R.W. was there right on the start, but I happened to get the ball in first.
R.W. EAKS: That was fine.
BOB GILDER: I remember Jim Colber, and his partner, I forget his name. Jim said, who's going to put and Jim said I'll putt first, let me putt, I'll putt, and he made it all the time. Sometimes someone has a good feeling, let me putt first, I'll make it. And that's kind of the way I felt with the putter today, although, you know, I missed a couple very makeable putts out there. And I think we all did. But we made some we probably shouldn't have made. But -- I kind of made a couple where R.W. was in there tight and that makes those easier. You can go for them. Because you know he ain't going to miss them. So that's the beauty of this format, which is a lot of fun for us.

Q. Who made the birdie at No. 9?
R.W. EAKS: I lucked out and got mine in first.
BOB GILDER: We both hit it in pretty tight. But he was outside of me and knocked it in.

Q. R.W., what was the length on No. 9, do you remember?
R.W. EAKS: Probably about 12 feet.
DAVE SENKO: How about 10, who made that?
BOB GILDER: I think I made that. About a 10-footer?

Q. And then 11 was --
BOB GILDER: 11, R.W. knocked it out of the bunker from behind the hole to about six inches.

Q. What happened on the bogey?
R.W. EAKS: I made bogey.
BOB GILDER: No, I three-putted, too. We both hit some real good second shots. We hit the bunker off to the right where we never should have been. It wasn't a particularly good place to go. I hit it on the front part of that green, the pin was on the back and it looked like R.W. thought he hit the shot just like he wanted to out of that bunker, but I was up there a little farther and the thing ballooned on him and spun back off the green, probably about 12 feet off the green and wasn't an easy chip and I rolled mine down there about two and a half feet from the hole and his chip shot came up short and he missed and then I missed.
R.W. EAKS: We had good putts there.
BOB GILDER: We had good putts. What can you do?

Q. How about 15, birdie?
R.W. EAKS: Was that the par-3?

Q. Yes.
R.W. EAKS: Bob almost made a 1.
BOB GILDER: About six inches.

Q. What did you hit?
BOB GILDER: 8-iron.

Q. And then 16?
BOB GILDER: R.W. chipped it in.
R.W. EAKS: That's right. It was beautiful.

Q. And then 18?
R.W. EAKS: Bob made a great putt from about 30 feet?
BOB GILDER: About 30 feet, yeah.

Q. Questions? What's the reason behind you guys playing together?
R.W. EAKS: Bob asked me.
BOB GILDER: I wanted a long knocking, good putting dude.
R.W. EAKS: We've been friends a long time. We played a lot of practice rounds together and stuff like that. It seemed like it would be a pretty good team. We'll take three rounds of 10-under or so.

Q. The scores are going to continue to be that low? []?
R.W. EAKS: I'm sure.
BOB GILDER: The wind is going to pick up today. I was looking at the scores, Pooley and Hatalsky are 8-under, about the same place we were through 12, is it? They're going to play good coming in. There's a lot of good teams out there. There's some strong teams out there. And it's going to take good scores every day to win this thing.
The golf course is a little -- seems a little soft right now. It did this morning. So you can hit some shots in there pretty good. You can make a lot -- the greens are pure. So these guys are going to make some putts out there. It's just a matter of I think how windy is it going to get. If it gets windy later on and then the scores are probably going to suffer a little bit. But still they're going to make birdies. Depends on where they stick the pins, too. But I think it's going to take three good scores, three really good scores.

Q. Talking to the rules officials yesterday about the golf course and what they try -- when the scores are this low, will they tuck the pins and make it tougher. He said no, that they want to see birdies. Is that good news to you guys? Do you think maybe as we get through the weekend they need to tough even it up and challenge it up?
BOB GILDER: I like it when it's tougher. There were some good pins. I thought a few of the tees were up a little bit more than they should have been, did you? There were a few tees that surprised me. From what they played in the past. They've had us on the back of some of those par-5s. But I think someone said something to them, we don't need two 600 yard par-5s out here. So they might have moved the tees up because of that.
People like to see birdies. We like to see birdies. It's fun. But I don't care whether they play long or short or whatever, you're still going to see a lot of birdies?

Q. Did you ever find yourself getting caught up with how Jerry Pate and Andy Bean were doing because you guys basically had the same score running down to 18? Did you ever get caught up in how they're doing and you're doing is and it becomes a match play.
R.W. EAKS: I think you always want to beat the guys you're playing against. It's a competitive spirit. We were kind of watching a little bit. They played very well today. We were fortunate that we just shot one shot better than they did.
BOB GILDER: When one of them was out of it the other one was in it. They putted very well. They didn't have as many mishaps as we had. We came back from ours a little better. They played very well. We just didn't want them to beat us today.

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