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April 24, 2008

Harrison Frazar


HARRISON FRAZAR: I think the golf course played okay. I think it's obviously a challenge. Some of the pin placements were tough to get to. The golf course was playing long, just because the fairways are wet. But hopefully it'll have a chance to dry out a little bit and I think it'll play even better.

Q. How much of a difference is it compared to last year out there?
HARRISON FRAZAR: I think it's night and day difference. You know, just the tee shots alone, the greens are a lot better, they're smooth. There's a lot more undulation. You've got to think a little bit more about what you're doing and about how you're getting in there. But yeah, it's a 180-degree change from last year.

Q. You were part of the advisory committee on this thing. As you were out there, did you think there were some other things maybe that should have been done or should not have been done?
HARRISON FRAZAR: No, I don't think so. I think it's hard to make a real fair comparison right now, with like I said, the soft fairways and the wind blowing 20 miles an hour.
You know, the whole idea was for this tournament, but also trying to remember that most of the time it's dry, fast Bermudagrass that's going to bounce a lot, so you've got to try to think long-term. I don't think we need to jump to any conclusions too early. But I think the golf course is holding up fine.

Q. (Inaudible.)
HARRISON FRAZAR: No, I think the golf course is in as good a shape as it could have been possibly after everything that we went through to try to get this thing done. It was a Herculean effort to get it to this, and I think it's in absolutely perfect condition. You know, the early date kind of forced our hand. I think it's beautiful out there.

Q. (Inaudible.)
HARRISON FRAZAR: I think so. You know, some of the feedback that we've heard from the top players' camps say that they like it but it's harder, that the scores are going to be lower, and that you've got to be a little bit more precise with your iron game.
I think if we can keep it in real good condition and stress that for the next couple years, I think the top guys will come back.

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