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April 24, 2008

Johnson Wagner


Q. Congratulations, 1-under par in this wind. Good start to the tournament.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Thanks, appreciate it. Yeah, I got started early and then just held on coming down the stretch.

Q. Wind is a factor, isn't it?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It is for sure. The greens are starting to dry out, so this morning we had them kind of soft and slow and they're starting to speed up. We've seen a few different speeds out there the last six or eight holes, but the course is getting really good.

Q. What's your thought on the redesign?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I like it, it looks great. It's gorgeous. It's dark green, it's beautiful. The tee shots set up a little better than they did before and there's a lot more pin placements, so I think overall the players are going to like it.

Q. It looks to me like these greens are very ample and yet the pin placements makes it tough to get to because you almost divide them into quadrants, don't you?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, there's a lot of slope, so if you're on the proper side you have a pretty good putt. But if not you have to get up and over or sideways. It got me a couple times out there, being on the wrong side. But overall the putting surfaces are wonderful and the course is in great shape.
I played well. Disappointing finish; making bogey at 18 is disappointing. But that happens, and I'm happy with how the day went.

Q. It looked like a gust of wind just caught that ball on the 9th hole.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I helped it that way. The wind didn't help it, but it was definitely pushed that way.

Q. Nice up-and-down birdie at the par-5, 7th, a nice bunker-to-bunker par at the 8th, and I thought you were going to roll it in at the 9th.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, it would have been nice to finish with three sand saves on the last three holes. That last bunker shot was probably more difficult than the prior two, but it was into the wind and I had to hit it a long way. I hit a decent putt, just didn't go in.

Q. Talk a little bit about the wind.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I think the wind is really tough. It's playing tough. There's a lot of pins that are hard to get to with the wind.

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