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April 23, 2008

Gael Monfils


G. MONFILS/I. Karlovic
7-6, 6-1


Q. Did you see the end of Federer's match?
GAËL MONFILS: Yes. It was funny. I won many meals at the restaurant. I thought Ramirez would become tense, and Roger is known to really put on the pressure at the end of the match and make fewer mistakes.
He really played some very good forehands. Maybe Ramirez shouldn't have missed that dropshot. Federer is still No. 1. He proved repeatedly that he had excellent mental resources.

Q. What about tomorrow?
GAËL MONFILS: What about tomorrow? It's going to be another match.

Q. What can you say about your match today? What do you think?
GAËL MONFILS: I don't think. Not bad.

Q. It's your second victory. Does it feel good?
GAËL MONFILS: It's my second victory, yes, but it was not great because I didn't play my best tennis. The match was very tight. I was a bit lucky.

Q. Were you stressed in the beginning of the match?
GAËL MONFILS: No. But I was stressed about Karlovic's game because I wanted to make him play as many balls as possible because I know he's not so good at that.
But thinking about that stressed me, and I played too short.

Q. But this crazy tiebreaker freed from your tension?
GAËL MONFILS: Yes, it did. But not totally. I was not a hundred percent.

Q. At 4-3 you started being more aggressive, coming to the net?
GAËL MONFILS: Yes. I wanted to take risks and I wanted to take advantage of some of his weaknesses.

Q. What about tomorrow's match? It's the second time you're going to play him since you've been back after your injury, after Miami, and you feel better now.
GAËL MONFILS: I expect a very tough match tomorrow. I'm going to try as much as I can.

Q. Is it better to play Federer on clay?
GAËL MONFILS: It's the same. Apart from Nadal, Federer never loses either on this surface, so it's going to be as tough as elsewhere.

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