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April 22, 2008

Sebastien Grosjean


I. KARLOVIC/S. Grosjean
4-6, 6-4, 4-1 (ret.)

(Translated from French)


Q. What's the news?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I started playing the match with tendinitis in my shoulder that I had since February, and I came off the court with a pulled adductor. That's the bad news.
I felt that pain on the backhand when I was on the court, and I preferred to stop immediately. I will have an MRI in 48 hours.

Q. You said it was a small pull?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Well, this is only muscular. It only needs rest. What hurts me more is my shoulder. I try not to play, but as soon as I start again the pain comes back. It would need two or three weeks' rest.

Q. You can't find a proper cure?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Well, after Miami I spent two weeks doing nothing. What I need to do is a lot of stretching.

Q. When you practice, you don't feel it?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I do. I didn't say I didn't feel the pain in practice or that the pain was worse during the match. During the match, because of the pain, I can serve only at 60% of my power, and it is with pain all the same.
I will see a doctor tomorrow in Paris.

Q. So your participation in the French Open is uncertain?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: This is not my priority right now. My priority is to get rid of my pain. I hope within three weeks I'll be able to play without pain. It bothers me when I serve and when I hit forehands above my shoulder.

Q. Did you think of not playing here?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, I did. But I like this tournament a lot and I was here, so I thought I would give it a try. I already didn't play last year.

Q. What is your view of what happened in Davis Cup?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I was not told what happened. I don't have much to say. I just think you make too much of it, you went too far. It's not that bad.
But I was not there during the tie. What Michael said is right, I believe. He said the meeting after the tie should remain private within the team. This is good for the trust amongst the members of the team. This is what keeps us united.

Q. Are you staying in France or going to the States?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: I have an MRI on Thursday because it has to be 48 hours after the injury. I might go back home on Friday or Saturday since I'm not playing next week.
I am on the list for Bordeaux, but this might be a bit short. I will play an exhibition for Mr. Barthes.

Q. So before the French Open you will have at least one match on clay?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, one match against a very good clay court specialist.
As far as I'm concerned, if I can play the French Open without pain, that will be already a good achievement.

Q. It seems the nursery is full of French players; they're all sick.
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: Yes, the calendar is getting more and more busy and nobody does anything about it. There are more and more injuries in tennis. Look at the calendar until the US Open. We have five Masters Series, the Olympic Games, two Grand Slams, and all this is spread out in different areas, which doesn't help.
I believe in Olympic years we shouldn't have Davis Cup.

Q. They're talking about shortening the clay court season.
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: They had to do it this year because of the Olympics. The Olympics should be a priority, okay. If we didn't have Davis Cup in that same year, it would help. It would give us an extra week.

Q. Or should we play Davis Cup with eight teams?
SÉBASTIEN GROSJEAN: No. Davis Cup should be for all countries. But in Olympic years, it makes things more complicated.

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