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April 20, 2008

Boo Weekley


DOUG MILNE: 2007, now 2008, we'd like to welcome the Verizon Heritage champion, Boo Weekley, to the media center. Congratulations Boo, with the win, you pick up 4,500 FedExCup points.
Just a couple of general comments out there. You said it wasn't your A game you had going today. It was more of a C or D. Could you tell us your comments on the round.
BOO WEEKLEY: It was ugly. I still struggled with the driver high and right. I actually hit a couple of good iron shots, but a lot of them they were everywhere. I just couldn't get nothing, actually didn't feel right, the swing didn't. The putter more or less kept me in the game, where at least I was able to shoot even par.

Q. What were you thinking when you chipped, when the ball went in the hole on 10?
BOO WEEKLEY: Finally (laughter). You know, finally something, I finally did something right. I was happy that it went in. I was excited. It kind of got me pumped, but then again I stood up on No. 11, turned right back around and hit it high and right. I figured that might be a little momentum-getter, but I was just pumped.

Q. You had the string of sub 70s going, were you trying to hit that sub 70 down the stretch and all, did that make that much difference to you?
BOO WEEKLEY: I thought about it, yes, sir. Actually right there on 16 I was thinking, all right, we've got good yardage here, get it to 3-under and we can keep shooting in the 60s. And then unfortunately I made bogey there.

Q. So you just have to start over again next year, right?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, I reckon I will.

Q. Did you ever doubt yourself today?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, once or twice I did. I mean, I just kind of aggravated -- like on 10, I got probably the lowest point I got all day was on 10. They just put us on the clock, you know, we're under two minutes or two hours on our time, you know, and it's kind of hard to believe they had us on the clock. The guys in front of us were playing pretty quick. It kind of got aggravating and, okay, there you go, you kind of give it away now hitting shots like that. That was my lowest point.

Q. You talked a lot about how this course reminds you of Tanglewood back home. Basically there's nine holes, a hundred houses on 40 acres. Is that how you describe how tight it is?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, that's pretty close. Unfortunately we've had some hurricanes down there and it actually made the golf course a lot easier, with it taking out all the trees. We don't have the pretty Spanish oaks like they have here, but we've got a bunch of lightning rods hanging around with the pine trees.

Q. Could you compare the emotions of last year's first win and now winning again a year later? Does it feel any different to you this time around?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, it feels more like achievement now. Not just saying I did it back to back, but I did it in a way that I knew I could. I struggled at the beginning of the week because I had some irons that had some bad issues, and Cleveland kind of helped me out and we rebuilt a new set of irons. Put them in play and it kind of, I reckon, it got me back to where I needed to be. And I felt like the way I'm hitting it, I had to do something different.
This win, it does mean just as much to me as the first one did.

Q. Playing with the lead the way you did all day, did that change your approach in any way as the day went on?
BOO WEEKLEY: Playing with what now?

Q. The lead. The way you had the lead most of the day?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, I tried to go out there and just try to stick to the same game plan - hit fairways, hit it on the green and try to give myself some opportunities to make some birdies. I had a couple on the front that I kind of shoved or pulled. But at the same time at least I got myself that opportunity.
But, no, I just went out and played golf. Unfortunately, like Doug kind of said I didn't bring my A game, I had my C or D game.
DOUG MILNE: I was just quoting you.
BOO WEEKLEY: You heard me say. I said it.

Q. Have you ever heard other golfers talk about coming up on 18 with the lead and the crowd, or did you ever anticipate what it would be like? And what was it like today?
BOO WEEKLEY: You know, I look back and that was the only way that I thought that you really won is when you stand there and pull the ball out of the hole and turn around to the crowd and say, you know, hey, I am the champ, putting it. I chipped it in back to back last year, and I didn't get to stand there and turn to the crowd and do the first pump.

Q. Had you rehearsed something?
BOO WEEKLEY: No. I wanted to do the moonwalk, the belly-roll. No, I didn't rehearse nothing.

Q. Did you ever feel kind of cheated because you don't get the cheers? Do you want to change your name? There's a form of cheering for you but it's still a boo?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, they just holler my name. It doesn't matter, Davis Love or whatever walking up there, they're going to holler your name.

Q. It had to feel different today because it was Sunday afternoon, the crowd was here. And last time it was a Monday, it kind of smarts?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, it was smaller. The course, nobody could get up in the bleachers because the wind was blowing. It's great to come out here, and like I said a couple of days ago, this tournament is going to be in my heart, no matter what I'm doing.

Q. When did you feel like, okay, I can't screw this up?
BOO WEEKLEY: When I picked that ball out of the hole on the last one (laughter).

Q. Did the ball move a little bit?
BOO WEEKLEY: It was teetering, it was rocking, that wind was blowing a little bit, yes.

Q. What about the second shot on 18?
BOO WEEKLEY: I just hit it -- we were between clubs, and I just decided I'd take the lesser club because I didn't want to have to chip it back out the front of the green.

Q. Talk about how valuable was this experience today playing with the lead the whole day, something you hadn't had a chance to do before. How much do you think that's going to help you in the future?
BOO WEEKLEY: I take a lot out of it. I learned how to control my emotions a little bit. I was out there today and literally I was so pumped, like I was hitting a couple of irons, shoot, probably ten yards further than I normally would hit them, just because I had so much adrenaline going through me.

Q. The same thing, Boo, can you talk a little bit about what this will do for you, winning without playing your best golf of the week?
BOO WEEKLEY: It goes to show, I kind of proved to myself, that, hey, you ain't always goat to have your A game to win, but it helps. It makes you feel a helluva lot better, I can tell you that.

Q. Do you think the adrenaline and your emotional state today had anything to do with you getting the rights?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, ma'am, I had the rights all day. I had them all week with the driver and a little bit with the iron. I was standing on the tee box or on the practice round this morning and I had the pulls.
This golf is a crazy game. That's why I only want to do it for so long and get out of it (laughter).

Q. There are going some folks asking about what makes you so good on a tight golf course. Is there anything that maybe we don't think about that maybe makes you so good on tight courses where you've got to be in certain spots?
BOO WEEKLEY: I just think a lot of it is driving it and putting it in the right position and your irons -- luckily the greens are pretty flat. I grew up on Bermudagrass. I kind of know the grass. I'm looking for the grain. But I just putted the ball well.
I worked with a guy named Mike Taylor, a little bit last week and a little bit this week, and kind of got my confidence where I'm at. We worked together last year and I won. It's all about putting out here, I think. And each tournament that you play, you've still got to hit it. But I think day in and day out it's all about that putting.

Q. Golf has always had an elitist label on it. Do you think you might be an inspiration to guys out there who talk like you and chew like you?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm pretty sure I do. I hope it's mostly the kids. That's who you want to touch anyway is the kids. And I hope they don't chew.

Q. You said yesterday you expected to be nervous today. How nervous were you and how did you handle it?
BOO WEEKLEY: I tell you what, I think I went through four gloves today I was sweating so bad. Seriously.

Q. Can you describe that second shot on No. 11? Have you ever hit a shot like that before? Or where did you learn to hit a shot like that?
BOO WEEKLEY: That cut?

Q. Yes.
BOO WEEKLEY: Come down to where I live at Tanglewood and try to hit that shot. You'll learn to hit it quick. I learned it down there where I lived at. Hitting in the trees all the time, you've got to learn to hook the ball that much or you've got to cut it that much to get you back out in play.

Q. You said you only want to play this game a little while and go do something else. What is it you'd like to do when you get done with this?
BOO WEEKLEY: Where you been? (Laughter). Where have you been? I don't want to do nothing but hunt and fish.

Q. I thought you might have to have another profession in mind.
BOO WEEKLEY: That's it, hunting and fishing. That's a profession.

Q. They're going to pay you to hunt and fish?
BOO WEEKLEY: You never know. I might work for Mossy Oak.

Q. Talking to Lucas Glover playing with you yesterday, he said your type of game fits this course so well. You now won two out of two and Davis Love came here and won five over the course of his career. Can you see yourself doing this again and again?
BOO WEEKLEY: I can see myself doing a lot of things. I don't know. If I can look into the future, we all wouldn't be here right now. Or I wouldn't be sitting here in front of you right now.
I would love to come back and do it. It's always an honor to win on the Tour. It's just great. Yes, I could see myself doing it.

Q. Is there one thing besides the fact that your game fits the course? Is there one thing that makes you feel comfortable?
BOO WEEKLEY: I have to say the people, man. The actual people that surround this tournament. That actually makes this whole tournament.

Q. Do you get a second jacket or did you pull that one out of the trunk of the car?
BOO WEEKLEY: This is the one they gave me on Monday, if I remember right. I had to ask my mom. I think that's what she said.

Q. You only have one jacket?
BOO WEEKLEY: I don't know. I hope I get another one. Wear one on Saturday and one on Sunday (laughter).

Q. What about the trophy?
BOO WEEKLEY: I don't know, we're in the middle of building our house, it might sit in the barn for a couple of days or couple of months or however long it takes to finish the house.

Q. You could fit it on the hood of the truck?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, that ain't going to go on the hood.

Q. Did you wear that jacket getting any deer?
BOO WEEKLEY: I don't know. I'm not going to try.

Q. How excited are you about the 4500 FedExCup points you won?
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm pretty excited. Yeah, it's great to be able to get up there. My goal is to be in the top 20. And to be able to move in where I can go play the British and all that, the World Ranking points and everything. Every little bit helps. And this helps out a lot. So now I'll be able to sit back, if I'm not playing well, at least I've got a little cushion there, you know.

Q. That's your jacket, now. The one they put on your last year when you won, does this fit better? How did that one fit you?
BOO WEEKLEY: It fits about the same. This time I didn't have fortune cookies in it. Last year I had fortune cookies on it. Mr. Wilmot had cookies down there, he. Ate at a Chinese place, I think (laughter). He got some cookies stuck in there.

Q. Did you watch the leaderboard at all today to see how other people were doing, and how close they were coming, and work a strategy from there?
BOO WEEKLEY: I looked up a couple of times and saw where I was at, but I wasn't working no strategy. I was out there just playing golf, trying to stay focused, trying to stay in my moment right then. I figured if I would go out and play steady golf and let the rest of it take care of itself, if it's my time, it's my time.

Q. When is your second baby due? Could that affect if you played in The British Open?
BOO WEEKLEY: It ain't going to affect if I played in The British Open. It should be done about two weeks before that. At least I'll have a week and a half home with it, him, and then -- it (laughter). Him. And then as soon as the British is over, I'll come back home and stay a couple of weeks with him.
DOUG MILNE: Run through your birdies with us real quick. Give us some descriptions and some clubs.
BOO WEEKLEY: On 2, I hit a good drive there and hit 3-iron in there just on the back right fringe, chipped it up, made a pretty good putt there.
Then on 5, hit a good drive there and hit 6-iron just on the front left fringe. Hit a putt down there, lagged it down and tapped it in for birdie.
14, I hit it just left. I hit I think it was a 7-iron, and hit it just left of the hole, and putted it from off the green.
15, there, I hit lob wedge from about 78 yards to about two feet behind the hole.
DOUG MILNE: Congratulations, 2008 Verizon Heritage champion. We'll be seeing you down the road.

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